ESO Stole My Guild

photo (11)First off I got everything but the robe of the greatest Warlock tier ever. Tier 5 the Corrupter stuff.  The skulls on my shoulders are just awesome. I still try for the robe to complete the set, but I still look pretty awesome. Kael’thas won’t give me the chest cause he’s a right old bastard! He could drop some Ashes too that would be nice.

Well it happened my Guild is now a ghost town due to ESO.  It’s a little sad people who stayed are jumping ship to find greener pastures. I have plenty to do to keep me busy, and I’ll hold down the fort. The guild is like 10 years old, well it’s at least 9 cause the last log in for one player is 9 years ago.  I guess I’ll hold the fort down, I’ll maybe even go to the crossroads and try to kill shit for old time’s sake.

I was thinking of firing up the old Guild Wars 2, it’s been awhile since I played so that means it will take me 3 days to patch. I really want to get a toon to max level there, I do own the game, I should play it. Same with SWTOR yeah I actually bought the game, collectors edition glad it’s free to play NOW…no that’s not anger…not at all.

Wildstar beta this weekend, hopefully the game will click for me, if not I’ll just be a pariah and roam WoW lands

11 Responses to “ESO Stole My Guild”

  1. If you ever play SWTOR, you holler at me.

  2. Nothing wrong with roaming WOW lands IMO! Or SWTOR for that matter. GW2 I have yet to try.

    • theerivs Says:

      Roam around and enjoy a’s new concept I know LOL!

      • I’ve never complained about an MMO having “no endgame”… probably because I can count on one hand the number of MMO chars I’ve made who have actually made it to such a place

  3. Rivs, are you on Steam?

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