Weakly Lagout

High Latency Living – 

Well playing with the Garrison Calculator on Wowhead really is getting me kinda excited for the expansion. One thing I’m not excited about is all the mage changes, but I’ll talk more as we get closer to the expansion. I tried killing Onyxia with my Prot Pally last night, it was a holy long time to kill her…and no mount…not even good pally xmog.

I patched up the Guild Wars 2 last night, didn’t get a chance to play it took 3 days to update. I’ll try to chew on it this weekend and get back into the groove, forgot a lot on that game.

High Latency Love – 

I haven’t given the MMO Gamer Chick any love in a while. Make sure you check her out if you haven’t she got mad writing skillz.


High Latency Laugh – 

Fucking Hearthstone Warlocks

With that…



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