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I’m an IP Whore

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on May 14, 2014 by theerivs

icecream-girlI am an IP or intellectual property whore. Let me explain. I’ve was playing some Wildstar and though it had some problems I just wasn’t being grabbed. I just wasn’t loving it.  I was trying to figure it out. Am I that jaded/cynical? Has WoW tainted me beyond all reason?

No I don’t think so, I loved other games Warhammer Online for sure. Then what is my problem…IP. I have to love the IP.

Let’s look at some of the games I did champion  Warhammer Online, then I jumped on the Star Trek Online bandwagon, then the Star Wars bandwagon. I wasn’t all about Guild Wars 2, but I got on board.  All these games have some established IP’s, and long running ones at that.

So ESO has a long established IP, I should love ESO right?  I don’t, because ESO’s IP I never got into, all the way back in the Daggerfall days I just never played, then as the games grew I still didn’t like it all that much, not to mention some other problems I had with the games.

So am I going to pre-order Wildstar, I don’t know yet but I’ll keep playing maybe something from the IP will click with me, but I am warming up to the Dominion as their quite the right bastards.



Someone’s Got a Case of the Mondays

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 28, 2014 by theerivs

bill-lundurg-office-spaceWell this weekend sucked arse. I couldn’t go to C2E2 due to a family situation where I had to help my Mother with something and Brother was out of town. Just as well, I’m kind of hurting on money and I would probably need to take out a loan for all the stuff i want.

Also Wildstar wasn’t behaving I kept getting a network connection error which it says if your not authorized for that beta weekend you can’t get in. Was it my imagination but didn’t they say this weekend if you were in previous beta weekends you could get in. I guess not.

I decided to load up the old Guild Wars 2.  Man it’s been a while since I played this game.  Got a 35 warrior, but I swear my necromancer was a higher level. Oh well. I started to get back into it. I really do like the feel and look of this game. I don’t know why I stopped. I’m going to try to get to 80, but we’ll just enjoy ourselves and not rush.

As for WoW, still trying to make some gold…I don’t know if you’ll need gold for Garrisons, but just in case I want alot.

ESO Stole My Guild

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 24, 2014 by theerivs

photo (11)First off I got everything but the robe of the greatest Warlock tier ever. Tier 5 the Corrupter stuff.  The skulls on my shoulders are just awesome. I still try for the robe to complete the set, but I still look pretty awesome. Kael’thas won’t give me the chest cause he’s a right old bastard! He could drop some Ashes too that would be nice.

Well it happened my Guild is now a ghost town due to ESO.  It’s a little sad people who stayed are jumping ship to find greener pastures. I have plenty to do to keep me busy, and I’ll hold down the fort. The guild is like 10 years old, well it’s at least 9 cause the last log in for one player is 9 years ago.  I guess I’ll hold the fort down, I’ll maybe even go to the crossroads and try to kill shit for old time’s sake.

I was thinking of firing up the old Guild Wars 2, it’s been awhile since I played so that means it will take me 3 days to patch. I really want to get a toon to max level there, I do own the game, I should play it. Same with SWTOR yeah I actually bought the game, collectors edition glad it’s free to play NOW…no that’s not anger…not at all.

Wildstar beta this weekend, hopefully the game will click for me, if not I’ll just be a pariah and roam WoW lands

Not So Wild

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on April 7, 2014 by theerivs

1545866_10152110761373486_393519467_nWell it was a Wildstar Beta Weekend, and I wish I can say I was impressed, and loved it with all my heart….but I can’t. I had a few issues with it, but I admit I only created a bunch of toons, and played the starting zones.


Now my computer is starting to be long in the tooth, so I get the graphics were jenky, and I had to dumb everything way down…maybe I have some more tweaking but the graphics were still a little jenky. For example models flickering, and cut scenes looking askew. This wasn’t the only fact that didn’t impress me about Wildstar.


WoW is cartoony, Wildstar is a out and out cartoon you can play. That’s the art style I get it, but if you don’t like hyper reality of your men and women, then you won’t like this, what I mean is all the women have big boobs, with big butts, and all the men are Arnold clones. I liked the art style it was like playing a cartoon from my youth. The races/classes/ paths were pretty cool, and you get to customize a lot of your toon. The problem I have is you can customize you face nine ways to Sunday, why can you customize your body a bit. I would of really liked some body customization if your going to go through all that work to let people do  it to your face.


 Starter Zones

Really on rails alot which I’m used to now thanks to WoW and goblins, and worgens. Doesn’t mean I still have to like it. It makes for alts very boring, and tiresome. Everyone starts at the same place to for each faction. I would of like some different starting zones to mix it up for the alts.

Combat – 

I actually liked this it seemed fast paced, and there was a lot going on, alot of movement involved. I need to play around more with it..but so far I liked it.

Overall – 

It wasn’t a bad game, I won’t condemn it. It needs some polish but it’s in Beta, and there were some good points. I don’t think I’m hopping aboard some hype train and pre-ordering just yet. I’ll keep my eye on it though as it does have some merit.

Don’t Be Jell

Posted in MMORPG with tags on April 3, 2014 by theerivs

download (4)So I got a Wildstar Beta, and there’s a beta weekend this weekend. So I am excited, but don’t be all ‘jellin I got it. I’ll fill you in what I’m up to.

Why Wildstar and not ESO? 

I never been a huge ESO fan, from The first Elder Scrolls games to Skyrim..Oh I tried just couldn’t get into them. Don’t know if it’s the UI. First person throws me in RPGs looking at you Ultima Underworld.  I just prefer third person view thanks to my long run with that view in MMO”s. I hear you can run in third person, but there are some other issues like lore. Some reason just didn’t get into the lore either. I can go on but I digress.

Which side will I choose? 

Well I’m Lawful Evil, so going Dominion, and probably start off as a Cassian.

What class? 

Warrior- Tank. I played a Tank in almost every MMO I played. I love being a respected member of the group.

What Path? 

Looking at Soldier – Holdout – Protect seems like the path to go for a Tank.


Things may change once I get into the game, and see how it plays. Hell even to see if I like it or not. I am looking forward to it though, I hope it turns out well.




The Top 5 MMOs That WILL Change The Genre

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , , on March 28, 2013 by scarybooster

This is an extremely exciting year for MMOs. So many games are trying to break the boring WoW formula and push the genre forward. It seems like every year we think things are going to change and a revolutionary game is going to blow us away. What makes this year different? What do these 5 games have that other games don’t?

Lets take a look at the top 5 MMOs that will bring something new to the table.

1. Scarlet Blade:

If you like bouncing boobies and cartoon porn, this game is for you. Oh, and if you like playing a game with dudes, more dudes, and The Dudes, this game is for you. Even though this is an extremely sexist game by Western standards, it’s actually pretty fun to play. I like the bouncy boobie combat system. Not to mention it’s free to play.

Bottom line: If you have a little bit of time and you don’t mind lots and lots of giant, unrealistic breasts, this game is a treat. It’s a game where you can only play a female avatar and it’s not afraid to show it. You can even buy a way to remove all your clothes from the cash shop or be a founder. Who doesn’t want to run around killing vicious beasts with your tatas and vajayjay hanging out?

2. D&D Neverwinter:

This game has a lot going for it and the graphics is not one if them. If you love games from Cryptic, this is a no brainier to play. It has a little from every game on the market to make its own unique style. You’ll see similarities from Guild Wars 1, 2, Star Trek Online, TERA, and many more. The game takes a collage of crap from everywhere and makes a pretty fun game out of it.

Bottom line: The game is instances linked together by a main city (maybe more, I didn’t get past Neverwinter starter city). Again, the game is free to play with a non-intrusive cash shop. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s pretty damn fun.

3. Defiance:

This game is a 3rd person shooter MMO based on a TV show based on a game based on a TV show, based on… it’s a damn game with a TV show set in the same world. It comes from the creators of Rift. So you can expect the game to be fun, but “safe”. Don’t expect to be blown away with any feature or outstanding graphics. You can play it on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

Bottom line: You buy the game, then pay for DLCs as they come. The graphics are a bit behind the curve even for console games, but once you get past the first 20 minutes of the game, it gets really fun. I could do without all the boring ass cut scenes in the beginning. That alone will put a lot of people off to start with. Just bite on a horse bit and get through it. That game gets better I promise.

4. Wildstar:

It looks like WoW, but it’s not WoW. They slap on the humor pretty thick for their marketing. At this point it’s not sure what model the will use. You’ll have to buy the game, but beyond that, it’s a bit too early. Beta sign ups just opened, but you can’t sign up. I really want to play this and the more people that sign up, the less chance I have. STAY AWAY IT’S MINE!

Bottom line: Housing up the ass! 20 and 40 man raids! A cutesy hybrid human-bunny race you just want to kill over and over! And it looks like WoW! All you WoW nerds will appreciate that. The only real bad thing that’s been circulating around after PAX East is the stagnant AI. I’m hoping they cattle prod the mobs and get them patrolling a lot more. I really dislike the feeling mobs are waiting to die like practice dummies.

5. The Elder Scrolls Online:

At first they were not going to have first person combat, but the fans screamed at the top of their keyboards to get it. There will now be first person combat just like Skyrim. In the beginning of Zenimax’s press releases the seemed like closed-minded douchebags, but it seems they’ve swallowed their pride and changed a few things. I guess we’ll see if they repeat EA/BioWare’s “we know best” reign.

Bottom line: The first wave of beta invites just went out. Lately the press has had their go at the game and they’ve all come away with great praise. I remember this same thing happening with SWTOR. You can’t trust those fanboy-press people. I’ll only believe it when I see it for myself and I am NOT buying the CE. River will though. He likes buying CEs for crappy games.

So that’s that! The 5 most wanted MMOs of 2013 that will change the genre forever. When I say forever, I mean until we really play them and discover they are the same shit different game.