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ESO Stole My Guild

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 24, 2014 by theerivs

photo (11)First off I got everything but the robe of the greatest Warlock tier ever. Tier 5 the Corrupter stuff.  The skulls on my shoulders are just awesome. I still try for the robe to complete the set, but I still look pretty awesome. Kael’thas won’t give me the chest cause he’s a right old bastard! He could drop some Ashes too that would be nice.

Well it happened my Guild is now a ghost town due to ESO.  It’s a little sad people who stayed are jumping ship to find greener pastures. I have plenty to do to keep me busy, and I’ll hold down the fort. The guild is like 10 years old, well it’s at least 9 cause the last log in for one player is 9 years ago.  I guess I’ll hold the fort down, I’ll maybe even go to the crossroads and try to kill shit for old time’s sake.

I was thinking of firing up the old Guild Wars 2, it’s been awhile since I played so that means it will take me 3 days to patch. I really want to get a toon to max level there, I do own the game, I should play it. Same with SWTOR yeah I actually bought the game, collectors edition glad it’s free to play NOW…no that’s not anger…not at all.

Wildstar beta this weekend, hopefully the game will click for me, if not I’ll just be a pariah and roam WoW lands

Guild Wars 2, my introduction

Posted in MMORPG with tags on March 17, 2013 by Liana Shadowfall

So this is my Guild Wars 2 column. I am going to tell you all about my beautiful Thief, Kayli Shadowfall. She is tall, long curly red hair… oh and look, there is a photo of her. Kayli Shadowfall  I’m stationed on the Crystal Desert world. Currently I’m in my teen levels playing through Kessex Hills. I have been playing a few weeks and… oh geez  I can hear it in the comments now, “why u not at lvl cap yet noob!1!!?” Well I’ll tell you why. A few reasons:

First, I get confused by the lack of direction. I am still learning the different mechanics that make this game move. Switching from multiple other games doesn’t help either. I don’t really feel like I know where I am going and the level scaling has been bothering me. Because while I can go anywhere, you don’t really want to go anywhere. I just don’t seem to be able to get enough XP from the little tasks I stumble upon even though I do them all completely before moving to the next area. I’m always struggling to make XP ends meet, like a poor xp princess.

The second reason, since the game game does scale you down to the area you are in… I can never be a few levels over the content. Everything I do is challenging and yeah, I die, a lot more than I’d care to admit actually. In other games I play such as Lord of the Rings Online(Lotro), after having played a few toons to get a feel for what I wanted. I knew that being 1-3 levels over the quests I was doing was the way to go. I felt powerful, I felt heroic. In Guild Wars, I feel, like a regular girl trying to make her way and struggling at everything I do. It doesn’t feel like I improve with level gain.

And last, I am a casual player that just happens to like to do content and pvp. So I hope on and grind for a bit on the weekends and get as much in as I can, then enjoy the stuff in between during my shorter sessions during the week.

So those are my reasons, I just don’t feel like I have enough direction and I can’t seem to get ahead. Speaking of getting ahead… Gold. I never have any money. I know I’ll make more but geez, the amount I used to craft in the early tiers was just ridiculous. I had these grand notions of crafting gear for Kayli as she leveled. Well turns out it takes a ton of mats to tier up, leaving me in the metaphorical dust oh and gearless.

So what do I like? Well the graphics are spectacular. The character models are gorgeous, and the color matching gear system is brilliant. I am a huge fan of cosmetic options and I’ll almost give up playing a game if my character is ugly or has to run around wearing a bunch of mismatched armor for all her days. So what Guild Wars 2 did was add a primary and secondary color scheme to your armor. So then no matter what you have on it always matches. You can change them at any time and you don’t have to buy dye. I still pick armor pieces that look like my starting gear over some of the other things that might give me more HP or what not, but I take those trade offs for fashion. I gotta look good killing centaurs you know? The animations, at least coming from Lotro, are fluid and chain together much more smoothly. The hair is animated and when I run, Kayli’s hair flows. That to me is exciting, the little details that a game puts in. The attention to finer things in life that really make me enjoy the game as a whole.

The last thing I wanted to touch on was the story. Oh my, I like it. I like it a lot. Now this is where I feel important. You are the center of the story. It’s all yours. You go into an instanced area and it begins. The cutscenes are wonderful and it’s fully voice acted. The comic book style backdrops really add character to the storytelling process. I chose the orphaned, missing sister options. So my best friend is some screw up that I have to keep bailing out of trouble and my sister? Well I don’t know much about her. I have an entire story in my head so I’ll see what the real story is when it gets there.

So my initial impressions of the game are strong and I haven’t even touched on combat. I’ll get to that in another article when I have more fully explored the different weapon combinations that make up the skill bar. With that, I leave it to you reader; What do you like about Guild Wars 2, what don’t you like? Leave your comments down below.

My Mario Skills Are Not Leet

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 11, 2013 by theerivs

princessThere are few things that really bother me about Guild Wars 2, first is there it’s damn near impossible for me to find groups for dungeons, so much so I haven’t even been in one, and just gave up for now, and doing alot of WvW to break the monotony of my grinding, but this doesn’t really rile me up as much as my other issue.

The damn things you need to jump for, like vistas, and or skill challenges. I also hear later on you have jumping puzzles to get superior siege. If I wanted to play Mario, and rescue some princesses I would, and lets be honest I suck at that stuff. I come from a fighter game background, I played Scorpion ripping out spines, not Luigi fighting Fungus. So I’ll probably never complete a map, and I’m pretty ok with that….but sometimes I wish I didn’t need to do this in Guild Wars 2.

 I’m just glad there’s not a Princess waiting for me…she’d be waiting a long…long time.

Guardian Love

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on September 6, 2012 by theerivs

Well I like my Necromancer, but I started a Charr Guardian last night. Man I really like that class, especially when I rocked a level 5 at level 2. My Necromancer may have a little competition.

Though I’m not digging the Charr, I don’t know what it is really I don’t like,  maybe the running around on all fours thing is throwing me off.  I might remake him into a Human, or Norn….I hate the little guys..too cute. Slyvari got this Tree thing going on which I don’t like either.

Don’t get me wrong my dealer of death Necromancer is hot, and he kills things fast, it’s just well I have alot of tank love, played one in pretty much every game, except DAOC my first game.  I am on the fence though with this Guardian, I’ll dwelve a little further into it tonight, and see where it takes me.


The Power Of Death Itself

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 29, 2012 by theerivs

So I’m playing my Necromancer now  in GW2, due to the fact my guild needs a good necromancer.  It’s a very interesting profession. Alot of different in’s and out’s. I think it’s one of those professions that will be hard to master…but worth it. Right now I’m working on my Staff skills, and pretty awesome the beginner spell Necrotic Grasp, shoots a disembodied hand towards the enemy..pretty damn cool. I have alot to learn, but thanks to Jazz at Girl vs. MMO, and Scary I got some idea on wear to head with my Necro. Heck Jazz doesn’t even use pets…which is shocking.

In the course of my journeys I found some cool sites I want to share.


Guild Wars 2 Hub


Do you have any awesome Necromancer tips/builds/sites/blogs, please feel free to let me know, or comment here about them.

By Odin’s Frosted Balls

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 28, 2012 by theerivs

So I started my Guild Wars 2 experience, it had a few little bugs, like it wouldn’t let me join my guild until a few trys, or it keeps asking me to validate my email, and some other minor stuff.  Overall though not any real major problems.  Actually no real lag, or glitches and I’m impressed, just alot of restarts due to updates in the client.

I am playing a Norn Warrior, and letting my inner Viking flag fly. I’m level 6 as of last night. I really love duel wielding weapons, and how the choices of my attacks actually change with my weapons. I’m level 5, and so far I’m liking the game. The fighting is intense sometimes. I’ve been mining some copper, exploring the world.

So far I’m really liking GW2…but there so much going on, a  new patch for WoW coming out today too. I just got a closed beta invite to SMITE. 

By Odin’s Frosted Balls I have a ton of gaming to do, and so little time

Guild Wars 2: Release the Hounds

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on June 28, 2012 by theerivs

I wasn’t that excited about it, but like Pavlov’s dog once I heard the date of release, and saw the video I did drool a tad. It’s coming out August 28, and I’m a little worried they have implemented the other two races yet. (Sylvari, and Asura). Anyone else nervouse about that?

Even though I wasn’t that excited,  and the fact I wasn’t impressed with Beta. I’ll still get it cause of no sub fees makes it more enticing. Hell I bought the Collectors Edition of Diablo 3, and I’m already sick of that. I think I’m going Elementalist, or Hot Human Necro Chick…I got a thing for goth girls.

Well here’s the video that kind of got my juices flowing.

Guild Wars 2 Release Video.

I am a man of my word.

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“All I have in this life, is my word, and my balls, and I don’t break either for nobody ” – Al Pacino in Scarface.

Arenanet sent me a nice well written email…


We are writing to you because you were recently invited to participate in our Beta Weekend Event.

We apologize because this invitation was sent to you in error. Our records indicate that you have registered a Guild Wars 2 Pre-Order key, which only grants you 1-day Headstart Access at launch, and not beta access.

Because this was our error, we granted one-time access to Pre-Order customers who had been invited to this Beta Weekend Event. However, moving forward, we wanted to let you know you will not be given access to future Beta Weekend Events.

If you wish to participate in the Beta Weekend Events, we encourage you to pre-purchase the game, either through our website or with a participating retailer.

If you pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 and are receiving this e-mail in error, please contact the Guild Wars 2 support team so we can rectify this situation.

For further information about Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase, visit our FAQ.

We look forward to seeing you in-game.

The Guild Wars 2 Team

Here’s my response….

Hi there,

So basically you  told me, because I preordered the game not prepurchased, and that Arenanet messed up that I won’t be allowed into beta stuff. Now here’s the thing you were sold out of prepurchased stuff, you said to get into beta I had to pre-order, pre-purchase,  I did, then you sent me an invitation to your beta.

I know…I know…they don’t have to give me shit, but you know if I tell you something, if I promise you something by the gods, I will move heaven and earth to see it done. Arenanet you promised me something, and now your taking it back. I would of never pre-ordered the game if that was the case. I feel deceived, and lied too, and now on top of it you are telling me you made a mistake, and basically to go fuck myself.

Do you want my money? I don’t think you do, cause a reputable company would stand behind their word, mistake or not.  Come June, I’ll have a decision to make whether or not to buy your game, and how you treat me as a customer will help me whether I should or shouldn’t.

Right now since you told me to fuck off, I’m about to write you off. Why shouldn’t I?  What I saw of your games wasn’t that awesome, or groundbreaking..maybe you would like to show me that I am incorrect…that your game is worth playing.

Right now….There are plenty of companies that love my money…I think I’m going to tell you what you told me…go fuck yourself.

High Latency Life Team.

Guild Wars 2 too Quiet

Posted in MMORPG with tags on July 27, 2011 by theerivs

With all the Star Wars Hype going on these days, I really haven’t heard anything from the Guild Wars 2 camp lately. I am kind of looking forward to this game, it looks really beautiful, and some stunning things they are doing with it, but I’m afraid with all the nerdiness Star Wars has it’s going to swallow this game whole.

I’m really on the Star Wars hype train now, and I was drooling over my imaginary Sith Warrior,  thinking what I’m going to name this monster…then I thought…hmmm Guild Wars 2, whats going on there lately.

Anyone got any news on Guild Wars 2 as of late, and don’t you think they need to up their hype machine a little more?


Turn the Page

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 31, 2010 by theerivs
“Here I am…On the road again….There I am…Up on the stage….Here I go….Playin’ star again…There I go…
Turn the page ” ~ Bob Seger

Great song…Well I cancelled Star Trek Online again. It’s not a bad game, and there’s alot I like about it…it’s just not enough of what I wanted . I was looking for epic space battles, awesome camaradie with other Klingons, epic story lines…I really didn’t get any of that.  So I cancelled.

Turn the Page…..

I was watching some videos last night about Guild Wars 2, tell you the truth I wasn’t that excited about it until I saw one of the races, a dog like, war-like race…they got me all hot and bothered. Here’s some of the videos I watched….



Some Gamefootage…

So I’m gonna have to say, I probably be checking this out when it hits.