I’m River, I’m No Stream

1545866_10152110761373486_393519467_nSo I bitched on Twitter the other day that everyone was doing the streaming thing. Then I read Keen’s post about it.  I commented that I feel like an old man yelling at the kid’s to stay off my lawn.  Though I may dabble in it cause I have a natural curiosity, I’m not a huge fan of it. Here’s why.


The 5 reasons this old grumpy man doesn’t like streaming. 

5. Time – I get done reading a blog post in a few seconds perhaps a few minutes at most…these videos are upwards of 5 minutes usually. I don’t have that much time…if i did I would playing the damn game.

4. Playing, not Watching – I liked streaming better when it was my older brother hogging the video game system. Seriously I didn’t like watching players, I like playing.

3.Imagination – I love the printed word, and the way it sparks the imagination.

2. Planning – If I did it I would want to make it good, and not just tossed together. I need to have an idea of what I want to convey with it. This blog has a voice, and I know what it is.

1. Crap – Just A LOT of crap in the streaming world out there, and not a real good way for this old goat to navigate.

If you do the streaming thing, and enjoy it…more power to you. Right now it isn’t for me, and this will probably leave me a relic, and blogging to myself.



10 Responses to “I’m River, I’m No Stream”

  1. Keen streaming content would be the worst thing that could ever happen. Him waxing lyrical about a game on his blog for two weeks then slating it after three posts is bad enough.

    Seriously though I only watch twitch if I’m considering buying a game and want to see what an average gaming session would be like.

  2. Actually I’m glad you feel that way, because I too don’t enjoy streaming stuff for pretty much the same reasons you gave. We can be grumpy old bastards together… on our separate lawns. ;P

  3. One huge difference between streaming and blogging/podcasting/strategy videos is the lack of editing. Any idiot can ramble on while playing – it takes skill to distill things down into information people want.

    And yes to the other stuff. If I have time to spend, I’ll be playing, thanks, not watching other people play.

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  5. I’m with you. That is at least three of us – can we consider it a movement? I like digesting content in written form for many of the reasons you say. I’m just not letting go =)

  6. I have a similar response to the trend toward podcasts rather than written words (unless that’s what you’re talking about here). I’ll read pretty much anything that anyone will write but I’m not going to watch a podcast of that same content… reading and watching are two very different activities, generally I read when I’m not in a position to have sound and I watch when I am, simple as that, and when I’m in a position to watch something it isn’t going to be a podcast. I’d even read a transcript of a podcast, isn’t there software somewhere that’ll do that and result in at least readable text if not a perfect transcription?

    • theerivs Says:

      Yeah don’t know about the transcription stuff, maybe Dragon Naturally speaking maybe. As for podcasts no that’s more like talk radio. I was talking the trend towards streaming like twitch.tv

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