5 Things Women are Better at Than Men

I thought to give you another fun post. I have been labelled everything from chauvinistic to mysogistic, and everything in between. That is so untrue I firmly believe there are some things women do, that simply men can not match.

1. Take Pictures of Themselves – Women when they take a picture of themselves, whether doing the arm stretch with the phone, or in a mirror it always looks good to really good. When Men do it we either look like a creep, or a douchebag a la Pauly D.

2. Cosplay – Seems to me most women go that extra mile when they Cosplay, Men seem to me half assing  it. Like we’ll just put this shit together. Well at least I hope those are women.

3. Jedi Mind Tricks – Any guy who finds himself hunting for some Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream in the middle of the night, at the 3rd 7-11 he went to knows what I mean by this. From tears to puppy dog eyes, us men from time to time think to ourselves. “What the hell just happened?”

4. Memory for Details – I don’t know if Men just don’t care what you wore on our first date, or something is physically wrong with our memory or the way it works. Women have the most uncanny sense to remember miniscule things. Like when I use to get into arguments with my ex-girlfriend, she would go, “Remember what you said September 30, 2011″  I was like…”Uhm…No” 

5. Multi-Task – Most Women are awesome multi-taskers. I know a girl who would do her homework, watch her TV shows, talk on the phone all at the same time. Just the thought processes of a girls mind boggle me, like I could be talking about what we should have for dinner, all of a sudden my ex would look up, and go “I think you need some drapes in here”  I would just give her a look like a lost puppy, “Huh?”

So there you have it, some things I believe women are better at then men.

2 Responses to “5 Things Women are Better at Than Men”

  1. That is because our minds never turn off. I’ve been told by countless males that they can just turn off their minds and think of absolutely nothing. I can’t even wrap my head around that.

  2. 6. Stereotyping about men

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