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Happy Halloween!

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A Open Letter to Feminists

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christina_aguilera_giving_the_finger1As I read Spinks post, I also watched the videos from that youtube channel, and make no mistake about it gentlemen to these feminists you are the enemy. I was watching a video about saving women from the clutches of evil is wrong. I’m tired of these women telling me I can’t be a man. I drink, I cuss, I fight, I protect those who can’t defend themselves, I belch, I fart, I scratch my nuts.

My comment to that post was this….

“I think when you claim yourself with any “ism” you set yourself apart, and undermine your idea of equality. You close yourself off, and become trapped within the doctrines and you start to think only your way is the right way.  I think Feminism’s rhetoric is one of superiority, and not one of equality, also I think it has a little bit of envy, and hate mixed into it to.  I think the modern male is lost in these day and ages because he doesn’t know where he fits into society anymore. He is filled with images of what the media says he is, a crazed rapist spewing forth obscenities. With the breakdown of the traditional family, and no classic male role models, we as males are adrift. This feeling of not being anchored to ideals of what a man should be, and Feminist rhetoric of what males are. How can I not blame them to turn into that which the feminist themselves hate. Hate begets hate, and In essence we are creating our own monsters.”


Next reply Liore says this….

“How can you blame men for hating women? They’re just so darn uppity.”

PS: I don’t think all men are anything, much less crazed rapitsts, just like all women aren’t all anything. I just think you in particular sound like someone who has put no critical thought into this subject at all.

First of all she quoted me, I never said that…second of all if you are going to insult my intelligence….spell rapist correctly.


Like some of my brethren, I will not bow to them, or ride the fence and him haw around the subject. The gloves are off. I’ll have more on this later after I do some thinking and research.  I just want everyone to know. I don’t like Feminism, I don’t like ANY ism. You are not better then me, we all have our faults everyone of us. Yes there are many stereotypes, and injustices in the world, and we will work on them as much as we can, but there is no reason to see monsters, or conspiracies behind every plumber who tries to rescue a princess. Wait the plumber is a stereotypical looking Italian, should I be pissed because I’m Italian American.  If you’re offended by a song don’t listen to it, if you’re offended by a movie, don’t watch it, and if you have a problem with a guy rescuing a girl from some evil monster than don’t play the game.

My opinion is feminism is doing more harm then good, and it’s spreading hate. If they comment like Liore they will get personal, they will use insults like insulting my intelligence, and they will not come at me with intelligence, but with hate. Hate begets hate.    There is no one who can hate better than I can.

DAW Week – Blizzard

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484308_329208940493181_179418153_nWell it’s Developers Appreciation Week, a week started by my friend Scarybooster many a moons ago. First off I can’t believe it’s here already. Time just flew.

I want to show some love to Blizzard. You might be saying to yourself, why the hell would I show those money grabbing bastards any love. Their game is old, and trite. Love them or hate them, they gave us a lot, and I’m here to return that. 

1. Blizzard is more than World of Warcraft – They made such wonderful games oh like Diablo, and a little title called Starcraft. I remember the first  Starcraft was one of my favorite RTS games, and it still is for the most part. Many a nights, me and my friends would play LAN games until the wee hour of the mornings.

2.Blizzard made a culture icon – World of Warcraft has surpassed just a game, it’s a megalith of nerd culture. It was a question on Jeopardy for Heaven’s sake.

3.Blizzard has given me a lot – They have not given me not hours, but years of entertainment, and I’m not talking since 2004. Since late 90’s with Warcraft I : Orcs versus Humans

Yes you can say Blizzard doesn’t need appreciation, you may say Blizzard doesn’t need anything. I still am thankful for them, because they given me, and others so much. So if you ever shouted, For the Horde, or For the Zerg you know where I’m coming from.

King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

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kingAhh Faith No More….Oh wait no the post is about the new show on TBS called King of the Nerds. I saw the first show, and I’m pretty much hooked. Now I usually don’t get hooked on reality TV, ok Duck Dynasty a little cause somewhere in me lives a southern hillbilly. For the most part I’m a Geek. Nerd’s are a different level of smartness then me and I don’t want to claim myself a Nerd with out a Ph’D. Well let’s get back to the show. I just saw one, but here are some observations.

HOSTS–  Robert Carradine, and Curtis Armstrong….or as we who remember the movie Revenge of the Nerds as Lewis, and Booger. Man I loved that movie, it spoke to me on so many levels. To see these guys host this show is pure awesome.

NERDVANA – Game Rooms, a Radio Shack Room, Play Weapons, I didn’t catch everything, but what I did catch makes me want to win the Lottery to get all that cool stuff, I’d have to probably buy a real house too…The girlfriend would never approve.

CONTESTENTS – There are some I liked, and a few I don’t. I won’t tell my complete thoughts, I’d be here all day. I think it’s a great mix though of geeks, and nerds and really look forward to them facing off. One thing I am sad about is the loss of Hendrik. In the first episode he stepped up, and volunteered to go to the nerd off. He showed courage and determination. I hope they bring him back somehow in the future.

CONTESTS – Well one was just picking the teams, and there was a real spin to it which I didn’t quite see coming. So I have to say that was awesome. Then for the Nerd Off they played a giant game of chess, with a TOTAL hottie moving the pieces…wow. me likey.

OVERALL: I like this show, and I’m looking forward to more, they celebrate the Nerd, but not make them a laughing stock. I think I have to show some love to Danielle aka Panser for the Warcraft love in the first episode which is cool.

It airs on Thursday nights at 10/9 CST

Fare thee well, where ever thou fares

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star-trek-tpol-lt_-saavik-cosplay-wars-vulcan-nerd-sexyThe great thing about playing and blogging about MMO’s was that I get to meet, and talk to some exceptional people. From the great people in my guild, to my fellow bloggers who love to write about these little pixels. One of these great people is Scarybooster, he wrote his farewell post today, and even though I’m a cynical douchebag, I found myself deeply saddened. Oh he’s not dead, and I sincerely hope he keeps in touch, and if he ever touches Illinois soil, I want to get him so drunk, he curses my name until God hears him.

It’s just some of my greatest moments in blogging were due to Scary, and no matter what enemy was crashing down my door he had my back. I always wished that are Podcast would of took off, The Donkey Show would of been awesome I’m sure. From starting a guild with him, to debating crap with him, and just sharing our lives with each other, I enjoyed getting know him. He’s a funny bastard Scary is, and like me either you get him…or you don’t, and those that get him treasure him.

I wish him all the success in the world, he deserves it. In Honor of Scary there will be no Weekly Lagout this week, and I will forever leave his blogs on my blogrolls.

To quote Spock – “I have been and always shall be your friend”

Thanksgiving Break

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I decided to take a break this week to recharge my batteries, and enjoy some Turkey and Stuffing. So to all my American Brothers, and Sisters have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back probably a little fatter then before.

We are all Animals under the Skin, Milady

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That’s the line from one of my favorite movies, Legend. Ok who screamed Nerd? Anywho I read my friend Scary’s aka Panda Cock  post today, and it got me thinking, and since douchebag doesn’t have comments open looks like I gotta make my own post. I turned 40 myself recently and alot of same thoughts circle my head as Scary, with some major differences.

“Fuck the Fame, All I want is the Money”  – Tupac

Do you think Steve Jobs had a normal life? Do you think being a great person means being famous. I don’t want the trappings of fame. I don’t want to make a dent in humanity. Here is the thing I am a product of my enviroment, and my choices reinforced those lessons I learned.  I could give two shits about someone I don’t know half a world away, do they give two shits about me? Probably not. Am I selfish? Yes. Am I self centered? Yes.  Am I heartless monster? No. I take care of those who I care about, and respect, but I was diagnosed as Lawful Evil on one of those poll thingies. Which is true, let’s just say my past is really sketchy.  As for Scary, he is an optimist. I wish I could be, I seen the underbelly of human society. I looked into eyes of a killers, thieves, and evil men as I dwelled in the dark places of the earth. I have no such optimism.

“Know your role” – The Rock

I know my place in the world, I know in three generations no one will even remember me like the 99% of the worlds population. I am happy with that lot in life, eeking out my little niche. Would I like more? Yes. Will I be happy with what I have? Definately. To remove suffering one must remove desire so say the Zen Buddists, and I firmly believe that. I strive to do the best I can, with what I have, and given the choices in my daily life, and that’s all I can do.  I am a beleiver of fate, and destiny and whatever mine is, so be it.

“It’s not the age that’s killing me, it’s the mileage” – River

Bottomline, one day I will die, will I care whether I was famous, or not, wealthy or not, liked or not?  Will it matter if I have volumes of books, or landed on Mars. No I will be dead, and beyond such things.

Vote for Megatron

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Today is the day Americans exercise their civic duty. I want to vote for who I want. I want Megatron as my leader.

5 reasons Megatron should be president.

5. Evil – There is no surprises. He’s not a wolf in sheeps clothing…just a pure wolf.

4. Running Mate – Soundwave is his running mate, and lets face it Soundwave has more charisma then any VP of our age and time.

3. Equality– We’re all equal in his eyes…we are all snivveling worms.

2. View on Alternate Energy– Energon for everyone.

1. More than meets the Eye– Let’s face it, terrorists ain’t going to mess with a President who transforms into a gun.

Happy Burfday To Me

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Welp no post today…It’s my birthday. Mila for my birthday please be naked at 8pm, when I get home from work. . Thank you.

Another One Bites the Dust

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So in Twitter today, one of the people that follow me, and I follow her…think it’s a her, named Zaralynda posted this.

THIS”Sexual morality isn’t about how long you wait. It’s about how you treat yourself and the people you’re with”

So I responded


With me, others always cum first. LOL!

She harshly rebuked me…

 I don’t know you well enough to feel comfortable getting this @’d to me.

Really? Seriously? Then I explained myself, which I thought she was intelligent enough to take a joke, and have a sense of humor. I guess she didn’t…but I was nice. I took the time.

You were talking sexual morality, and treating others well. just an innocent play on words.If I treat people well, others come first. If I treat others well sexuality…well you should get where I was going.

Her reply…

I get what you were saying. I’m saying it’s rude to send sexually explicit messages @ a stranger. Don’t do it to me again.

She also added a quip.

I wish gross people had signs so it would be easier to avoid them.

What the fuck, you feminists learn to take a joke. You post about sexual morality, when I respond with a little play on words you reprimand me. I’m not talking about you personally, I wasn’t even talking to you. I was making a play on words. . This is why I hate feminists, they fucking need to take the pole out of their asses….or maybe need one inserted to have some fun.

Unfollowed, and go fuck yourself.