I’m Starting To Feel Dirty Already

So I’m working on a baby Warlock. I went Demonology. So I got my buddy the Felguard out. He is pretty awesome by the way. At level 16 I decided to start the PvP. I went to Warsong Gulch.

Mistake #1 – Out Gunned – The bracket I was in was dominated by 19’s and 20’s. Hell I got one-shotted a few times.

Mistake #2- Spells/Abilities – My abilities are not getting used to their greatest efficiancy. I didn’t have Fear on my hot bars when I went in. Total newb mistake.  I have to learn what spell is good in what situation, and the cast times of them. I always thought Fear was instant. Which leads me to my next mistake.

Mistake #3- Keybinds – I need to start using them, and a simple method to figure out what abilities need to be keybound, and rotations of a certain specc’d lock. I usually play an arcane mage, the only keybind I need is 1, and 2.

Basically I have alot to learn about this class, In PvE though it’s quite the leveling monster. In PvP you have alot of things going on, but I think I can handle it.  I’m going to level to 19, and head back into WSG and see how I do.

In other news – being a mount whore that I am. I heard the [Reins of the Crimson DeathCharger] has a bug which allows people to copy it, and sell it. I heard this mount will be going away, and you might lose your gold if you bought one. Also heard the banhammer wil be dropping on those using the exploit .

I also have another little project, a Shaman always wanted one.

2 Responses to “I’m Starting To Feel Dirty Already”

  1. Deathcoil is the free, instant fear.. howl of terror is also instant with certain talent adjustments that I think only affliction can get.

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