Is the Blogosphere Dead?

914p_0c_1bI’ve been blogging for many…many years, and it seems like when I started there were tons and tons of bloggers. Now it seems to be a dyeing art.  Many of the people i use to blog with are either gone, or blogging so sparsely it’s like the blog on it’s last leg.

Is this just my perception, or is there an ugly truth to this?  Maybe there are new blogs opening every day, and I’m just not aware of them. Perhaps I’m just said of people I’ve grown to love, and read their adventures are suddenly silent, and I miss them. This isn’t a new thing in the blogosphere, but one I can never get use to. I still miss the Jong’s of the world. The world moves on though and ever revolves.

If the blogosphere is being killed, what is doing the killing. Was the death of Google RSS reader, the thing that stuck a knife in it? Personally I never used an RSS reader, i use my blogroll. If i liked you, that’s where you ended up and I tried to read you. Then again maybe I’m becoming a blogging relic, where as if I can’t do something the easy way, I’m not going to do it.

I love this hobby, and it saddens me that perhaps the golden age of blogging is gone, then who knows maybe I’m just way wrong. I hope I am. I hope someone calls me out and says I’m insane, and that the  blogosphere is alive and well.

I don’t know what the future will bring to this hobby called blogging, but as long as I enjoy doing it, I’m going to try my hardest to keep on doing it.

4 Responses to “Is the Blogosphere Dead?”

  1. I personally stopped blogging because I changed jobs. I used to have a job where I could sit and blog for the first couple of hours and not have any problems. Now all I have time for is to leave comments on other people’s posts, and sometimes not even that.

    I know that several other people switched to tumblr and post there. I finally broke down and got my own just so I had a place to post personal stuff since I don’t play WoW much anymore.

    I don’t think google reader being canned did it. Most people just found a new reader (I use feedly) and went on with their lives.

    The biggest reason is probably because the players of these games we love have “grown up” or just moved on to other things.

  2. Dead is the wrong word..but there are a lot of other ways to express one’s thoughts and actions in games (some times even in more than 140 characters 😉 ).

    Blogging is kind of old school and many of bloggers now have more RL-priorities. I have sometimes the urge to blog again, but then more important stuff comes up and when I would have the time to blog I’m just too tired for it. I’m getting old and need my sleep 😉

  3. Summer time, just wait till there’s some interesting MMO news about. *stares at EQNext*

  4. I’ve noticed a lot less blogging as well- I’ve also been blogging waaay less. It’s mostly due to time pressures now. I only get a few hours to myself and I would rather play games than write about them.

    I’ve also been getting lazier and just watching You Tube. It’s easy to have on in the background as well so it kind of works liek a pod-cast while I’m doing other things. I tried a few vids myself and I do like it, but just no time for it.

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