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Am I your Type?

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on January 9, 2014 by theerivs

photoMy buddy Scarybooster posted a great post about blogging, and it made me think about my own styles, and the styles of the other bloggers around me. Blogging is quickly becoming a fading art I think in it’s place it’s becoming a 140 character or less blurb kind of world which couldn’t me more evident than with the death of Google Reader. Though generally I feel blogs fall for the most part into several categories.

Types of Blogs

1. Instructional – These blogs tell you valued information about a game, or games in terms of how to do something within said game.

2. Critical – These blogs off opinions as to certain things about games, or issues concerning games.

3. Storytelling – These blogs tell tales of their adventures, or use the game world to build their own tales.

4. Mixed Bag of Nuts – Sort of a hodge podge of the previous three.

5. Me – Yes I kind of set myself apart. I’ll tell you why.

What type of blogger am I? When I first started blogging I viewed myself as more of the previous types of bloggers at one time or another. Then as I progressed in this hobby, I broke my own mold. I started writing shorter posts, and added pictures to these posts way before Google+ or Twitter became popular. I felt I was more of an Entertainer, and perhaps I saw the writing on the wall. That people who check me out come for a quick laugh, or maybe a peek at what girl I posted that day. In this disjointed 140 character world, I think I feel right at home. My writing will probably never win any awards, but if I can spark someones emotion whether its laughing, crying, or even anger. Then I feel I’ve done my job. For that’s what I believe there in lies the power of the word, it leads you places….and I want to lead you to dirty…dirty places.

So am I your type?

Is the Blogosphere Dead?

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on July 17, 2013 by theerivs

914p_0c_1bI’ve been blogging for many…many years, and it seems like when I started there were tons and tons of bloggers. Now it seems to be a dyeing art.  Many of the people i use to blog with are either gone, or blogging so sparsely it’s like the blog on it’s last leg.

Is this just my perception, or is there an ugly truth to this?  Maybe there are new blogs opening every day, and I’m just not aware of them. Perhaps I’m just said of people I’ve grown to love, and read their adventures are suddenly silent, and I miss them. This isn’t a new thing in the blogosphere, but one I can never get use to. I still miss the Jong’s of the world. The world moves on though and ever revolves.

If the blogosphere is being killed, what is doing the killing. Was the death of Google RSS reader, the thing that stuck a knife in it? Personally I never used an RSS reader, i use my blogroll. If i liked you, that’s where you ended up and I tried to read you. Then again maybe I’m becoming a blogging relic, where as if I can’t do something the easy way, I’m not going to do it.

I love this hobby, and it saddens me that perhaps the golden age of blogging is gone, then who knows maybe I’m just way wrong. I hope I am. I hope someone calls me out and says I’m insane, and that the  blogosphere is alive and well.

I don’t know what the future will bring to this hobby called blogging, but as long as I enjoy doing it, I’m going to try my hardest to keep on doing it.

Looking for a New Writer

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on January 15, 2013 by theerivs

Let me start off by saying Bee was a great writer, and I loved her attitude, I really can’t fill her shoes….but I can find a new voice, and encourage someone new to blog. it’s time HLL looked for another ying to my yang. To bring a new voice to this blog, freshen things up, and to make the place smell nicer.

I’m looking for preferably a female, someone who loves to write about MMO’s, I prefer someone who plays mainly WoW. I’m looking for someone new to blogging who wants to have a built in audience for their writing.

Now don’t let what I’m looking for dissuade you, even if you don’t fit the bill I’m looking for contact me and we’ll talk. Contact me at cc0926(at)

Day 04- Your best gaming memories

Posted in Writing with tags , , on March 1, 2012 by theerivs

This post could easily go on forever…..there was so many memories that I shared with some awesome people that made  gaming even more fun, but this will be limited to the top 5 of  just pure gaming moments, and leave the people out of the equation for now

My 5 Best Gaming Moments –


5. Aliens Versus Predators – First time I ripped off a Marines Head. That was pure awesomeness.

4. Dark Age of Camelot – First time I went on a relic raid, I felt a part of something. 

3. Bards Tale (Original on Commodore 64)  – I really had this wonderful sense of accomplishment, and it was my first RPG I actually beat.

2. World of Warcraft – Molten Core- Beating Ragnaros, after months of working on Molten Core, we finally got him down it was like a party

1. World of Warcraft -BWL-  While Raiding BWL, One of our pallies who was a wee bit drunk, let of a scream over Vent going, “GO TEAM GO” over and over again, and then ran over to the 3 large Drakanoids  I was laughing so hard, it was ridiculous.

I got alot more memories, but when I think of these memories I always get a little chuckle, and smile.

Why Do I Blog?

Posted in Writing with tags , on January 23, 2012 by theerivs

Scary laments about his skills, and the whatfors of his blogging. It had me thinking why do I blog. I mean I suck at writing, I am not that well informed, I couldn’t min-max a stat to save a life.  Compared to some of those bloggers on his list, I am a flea on the blogospheres ass.

So why am I here….why do I waste my time, and possibly yours. I think it’s time for a list, cause the Internet loves a list.

1. It’s a hobby – People don’t build models of airplanes because they are going to show them off in competition with each other for the most part. People build model airplanes to reduce stress, to take a step back from life, and do something they enjoy.  I don’t take this overtly serious, it’s just something I do when I have time.

2. I enjoy writing – Even though I suck at it,  I enjoy doing it. I like to play chess too, and I suck at that as well. It takes me about 10 minutes to write a post, just imagine if I actually put effort into this.

3. Part of something – Even though I am a small shadowy corner of the blogosphere, I feel I am a part of it.

4. Camaraderie – I feel without blogging, I wouldn’t of met so many interesting people, and keep meeting them.

5. Bad Boy – I got this reputation among the blogosphere as a little bit rough around the edges bad boy, and I feel I have a niche to fill. Way to many good guys out there, someone has to be an asshole, and I am that man.


Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

Posted in Writing with tags , on September 3, 2010 by theerivs

Another Blogger emailed me, and since she is classy and this was done between closed doors. I won’t put her on blast, and toss her under the bus. She removed me from her blogroll, which I don’t care, but she was and is one of the people I admire in the blogging community so when she takes time to talk to me, I listen.  I may or may not take her advice…but I will listen.

The major problem is with the pictures of the girls I post. She brought up the recent game Tera, and put me on the same level as them. Which irked me, at the same time I see her point.  I am really getting tired of all the “sexism in gaming” posts, and I think Gevlon hit the nail on the head.

First my thoughts on Tera…

Yes I post pictures of scantily clad girls on my blog, but they are there to accent, or add to the blog. Like Frosting on the cake. Some people don’t like frosting, that’s ok. Tera is blatantly selling their sexism. The girl runs her skirt comes up. I don’t like gimmicks, and it smells like gimmicks. Remember a game called Age of Conan, it sold itself as a mature game, but I didn’t feel the sexism as overtly as Tera.  Tera, like Evony tries to sell sex to lure the immature, and kiddies into playing it. Sometimes it works, like AoC. the numbers were huge when it opened, but despite the big breasts there wasn’t much there to keep a player playing.  Tera, and the way it represents itself speaks volumes on how the game it is.

Product of my Enviroment….

I come from a place that was a little bit more real then some of the usual gamers are used to. While you were home watching home movies in seventh grade, I was wondering the streets kicked out of my house…When you were planning keggers, i was planning robberies…When you were laying in your bed playing Playstation, I was laying on a cot in jail….  I associated myself with drug dealers, gangsters, gamblers, thieves, and other ne’er do wells. These sub-cultures do not look highly on women.  I lived this life for alot of years, until I decided to change, to evolve, to crawl out of the gutter and want more for, and from myself.  It’s not an excuse, but I want you the reader to know where I am coming from.  In lollipop land, where gum drops rain upon you yeah things should be fair, but where I come from where I had to beat a man to make sure I don’t look like a victim…things aren’t always fair, and right in life, I reflect that life, so neither am I.

The lesser of two evils, but still part of the problem….

I can sit here, and tell you that every picture has something to do with the story I am trying to tell you. I was thinking about it, even though it does. In my first video gaming blog I rarely had pictures, so why now do I. When I first started HLL, I had a picture of a hot girl, I noticed it got attention from alot of my readers who were male. Perhaps the wrong type of attention, but attention none the less. I always say I’m not in it for the numbers, but lets face facts I still like when people pay attention to me. I am a self-proclaimed attention whore. Let’s not mince words. Yes I’m part of the problem. Yes I am sexist, which the definition is I view the genders in typical gender roles. A Woman should be a woman, and man should be a man, now what that actually entails as to what a man is, and what women are a topic for another time.  Being a sexist, isn’t the same as being a misogynist, that means you hate women. I definitely do not hate women…well specific ones maybe a tad.


Sorry  I was possessed by Sam Kinison for a second.

I am not a good writer….

I never claimed to be. I never claimed to be some awesome writer, if you want Yeats, please go look elsewhere. My goal of this blog is to entertain, whether be from the writing, or a picture. I want to take 5 minutes of your time and hope you enjoy your stay here. Sure I have an occasional post that makes you think, or get angry, or sad, or angry….yeah I know I said angry twice, and sometimes I’m sure you’re like River just posted crap today. In my mind’s eye most of it is crap, but a my daddy said, “Toss enough crap against the wall, something is bound to stick”    Someone suggested to write less, take my time to come up with more poignant stuff. I believe the brain is a muscle, it needs to be worked out. Sometimes I have a good work out, I sweat, I’m in pain the next day, I feel good. Sometimes I have a bad workout, I didn’t sweat or push myself hard enough.  It is said by a famous writer, “A Writer Writes, and that’s what I try to do.” I write for myself, your just along for the ride.

“I am what you say I am” – Eminem.

I one time called myself,  “I am a mixture of Kenny Powers, Eminem, Ron Jeremy with the body of John Candy”. I also jokingly called this site a porn site, that writes about games.  I have no illusions of grandeur, I am here standing for everyone to judge. For those that love me, I love you right back, and I’m willing to go to war for you. Those that hate me, bring it, cause your hate makes me powerful.  I play evil, or supposedly evil races in most games. Horde, Chaos, soon to be Sith, etc. etc…. Cause every story needs a villain. Every story needs an antagonist. Way too many good guys in the blogosphere. I am not one of them. There’s a difference between being a douchebag though, and being a bad guy.

“Better to rule in hell, then to serve in heaven”  – Milton.

Here in hell I shall rule, be the bad guy, have some good old fashioned fun.  Let the good people think they are goody too-shoes, and live in their glass houses while they toss stones.

For those who read me, and continue to read me on a daily basis, thank you. Everybody else, fuck you.