Mo Money, Mo Problems

I am the hater of the year!

Blizzard wants more money, Really?  Here I thought they were in business to make money. So it’s no surprise they would be offering more and more things through their cash store. I do have some concerns though, but not many.

Here are some of my ideas floating around about this…

1. Vanity Items – Most of what their going to be offering is vanity items, such as pets, transmog gear and the like. I have no problem with that. Hey if they put out a quality product I might just slap down some cash myself.

2. XP Boosts – Lets face it leveling is a joke these days, and as long as we learn to play our class, the last five levels of the grind I don’t see much problem.

3. – No pre-built 90’s – There was talk of this on forums, and it’s pure speculation. As long as WoW is subscription they won’t totally take away the grind I think. Speed it up, yes, get rid of no.

4.  A Taste of Things to Come – Remember the movie Mortal Kombat where the evil guy says this. I liked that movie, sure it wasn’t the best movie ever, but I enjoyed it. Anywho I digress. There has been speculation this may be the precursor of WoW going free to play. I think it actually might be., when Titan goes live, I think they will make WoW free to play, and still let it run….or I could be really wrong.

5. I Pay a Subscription – This stuff should be free, well no. When you buy a car, you get what comes with the car, if you want extras don’t you pay extra, just my way of thinking.

6. Lower Prices – I think if they lowered their prices they would make more money. 25 dollars for a mount…seriously?

Overall I’m not mad at Blizzard, nor am I making any huge predicitions. All I know if they put quality stuff, I’ll pay for it…for now.

2 Responses to “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

  1. ElderTroll Says:

    I dunno this just really smacks of milking the customers dry and its probably to pay for Titan and the total rework they are doing.

    I mean does Blizzard really need money this badly? I guess they know people will unfortunately pay for these kind of things.

    Think how much WoW has earned them over the years (back when they expected 200,000 odd players). Meh not gonna lie I just think its a bit of a poor show TBH.

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