Grace_Park_1007_WallpaperI keep getting the song for Hawaii Five-O stuck in my head as I write this post.  That’s right my Warlock hit the big 5-Oh.  Some funny things happened to me as I worked my way to 50.

So I’m riding my dreadsteed through Eastern Plaguelands, I have to get to Burning Steppes, and hence must get to Fuselight, cause I don’t have any dum dum routes there.  As I was riding a Dorf Paladin who is a little lower in me in the levels decided to take a swipe at me, I thought I’m in a hurry I’ll just run away, well that didn’t work out. He ended up killing me.  Now I’m pissed. So I whip out my succubus, and go on the warpath, and hunt the Dwarf bastard down. A poor Dwarf Warrior got killed in my rage as well. He dared to cross my path. I found my target. I crushed him, but meanwhile a Forsaken rogue whispers me and goes, “Please don’t kill him, he’s my guildie”  Well I killed him, and replied, “Welp, this friend of yours, killed me. Paybacks are a bitch”  Then I continued on my way to Light’s Hope, the rogue whispers me again, “He wants another fight, a straight up one vs one.”  I go , “Sure, I’m in front of Corins Crossing”   Well guess who never showed up…Meh

Other than that I had a rough run through Strathholme last night, and the only reason  I stuck it out was I needed to turn 50. I mean the tank died more times then Kim Kardashian slept with men, but with the help of my Voidwalker we muttled through. Dungeon Finder is a blessing, and a curse at the same time. You sure meet some strange people with dungeon finder. Then again I wonder if they think I’m chinese cause I don’t say shit over chat in dungeons, well except last night, when I said, “Hey we have to kill all the bosses to get to slaughterhouse, spider boss needs to be killed” Yeah it was that type of night.


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