Another One Bites the Dust

So in Twitter today, one of the people that follow me, and I follow her…think it’s a her, named Zaralynda posted this.

THIS”Sexual morality isn’t about how long you wait. It’s about how you treat yourself and the people you’re with”

So I responded


With me, others always cum first. LOL!

She harshly rebuked me…

 I don’t know you well enough to feel comfortable getting this @’d to me.

Really? Seriously? Then I explained myself, which I thought she was intelligent enough to take a joke, and have a sense of humor. I guess she didn’t…but I was nice. I took the time.

You were talking sexual morality, and treating others well. just an innocent play on words.If I treat people well, others come first. If I treat others well sexuality…well you should get where I was going.

Her reply…

I get what you were saying. I’m saying it’s rude to send sexually explicit messages @ a stranger. Don’t do it to me again.

She also added a quip.

I wish gross people had signs so it would be easier to avoid them.

What the fuck, you feminists learn to take a joke. You post about sexual morality, when I respond with a little play on words you reprimand me. I’m not talking about you personally, I wasn’t even talking to you. I was making a play on words. . This is why I hate feminists, they fucking need to take the pole out of their asses….or maybe need one inserted to have some fun.

Unfollowed, and go fuck yourself.

15 Responses to “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Oh, Zaralynda. She and I have met.

    There are feminists or social justice folks who I know I can talk to about things, via Twitter or other avenues, and then there are the ones that are widely perceived to be a bit more zealous or intense. She happens to fall into that camp.

    I wouldn’t let a negative interaction with one color your perception towards others like her, who simply practice or preach a bit differently. I know I used to do that and when I found people who were a bit more left of center, I felt really bad for painting all feminists or social justice types with the same brush.

    Loved the post, otherwise! Lord knows I’ve had similar moments with people. Maybe that’s why you and I get along so well.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Haha made me chuckle 🙂

  3. I think people forget how public Twitter is. If someone posts something without wanting to risk a “gross” response they should lock the tweet down or just not post it at all.

    This is why I tend to follow/stalk people on Twitter instead of accidentally forcing my way into some “stranger’s” conversation when they obviously were attempting to have a private discourse with a few hundred other people. (Yes, I’m being snarky. But Tweeps can be so oversensitive.)

  4. Aren’t you being a little over sensitive?

  5. I’m thinking s/he doesn’t know you very well 😉 That was quite a considerate comment (from you)!

  6. HAHAHA! You perv!

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