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Another One Bites the Dust

Posted in Other Nerdy Pursuits with tags on September 24, 2012 by theerivs

So in Twitter today, one of the people that follow me, and I follow her…think it’s a her, named Zaralynda posted this.

THIS”Sexual morality isn’t about how long you wait. It’s about how you treat yourself and the people you’re with”

So I responded


With me, others always cum first. LOL!

She harshly rebuked me…

 I don’t know you well enough to feel comfortable getting this @’d to me.

Really? Seriously? Then I explained myself, which I thought she was intelligent enough to take a joke, and have a sense of humor. I guess she didn’t…but I was nice. I took the time.

You were talking sexual morality, and treating others well. just an innocent play on words.If I treat people well, others come first. If I treat others well sexuality…well you should get where I was going.

Her reply…

I get what you were saying. I’m saying it’s rude to send sexually explicit messages @ a stranger. Don’t do it to me again.

She also added a quip.

I wish gross people had signs so it would be easier to avoid them.

What the fuck, you feminists learn to take a joke. You post about sexual morality, when I respond with a little play on words you reprimand me. I’m not talking about you personally, I wasn’t even talking to you. I was making a play on words. . This is why I hate feminists, they fucking need to take the pole out of their asses….or maybe need one inserted to have some fun.

Unfollowed, and go fuck yourself.

Hey Guys, You’re all a Bunch of Rapists!

Posted in MMORPG, Other Nerdy Pursuits, Writing with tags , , on August 30, 2012 by theerivs

So something interesting popped up in my twitter feed, an article about some Nerd Girl project….I read the article…yeah slow work day, but this in caps whacked me in the face…”Idiot Nerd Girl is the throwaway byproduct of a culture that regularly responds to criticism from women with flurries of rape threats.”

I for one was a little insulted. I’m a gamer, and in the gaming culture….now I’m basically being called a rapist. WOW! I took great offense. Does the gaming culture have a lot of immaturity, sure does when it’s saturated by boys in their teens. Boys who do not know how to channel the angst, and feelings they have raging in them. Do we punish the whole gaming culture for it. Are we all just deviant rapists who don’t want women playing video games.

Extended Reading –

Well I lodged my complaint, but the author told me to read some more about the subject so I did. Here’s the articles she told me to read, and what my thoughts are about those articles.

How the Web became a Sexists Paradise –  Written by a woman. If you put my picture up on a forum, how many insults will be thrown my way…probably alot. Oh come on you should have seen the threats lodged at me by role players when I went to war with them. Kudos for using the word vitriol though.  The web has always been the wild west mentality, not some utopian idea these tree huggers want.

Wikipedia article about Anita Sarkeesian – Never use Wikipedia as a source is rule #1, but hey you put yourself out there, and you go on the attack, people are going to get offended. She is cute though.

Female bloggers – This isn’t about the gaming culture, so I don’t see the relevence…people are assholes, welcome to planet Earth.

On rape threats, and internet trolls. – Same broad who wrote the above article, wrote this. Great job beating a dead horse, honey.

Unprovoked Rage – Yeah teenage boys love to rape things. I say we cut their penises off.

Being a woman on the internet – Yet again not really doing with gaming culture.

Ok to sum up the only one site that really totally has to do with gaming, and who were these bad people, little boys who don’t know shit, from shinola…were they truly boys all of them I don’t know. Is it possible girls acting like asshats too, hell I had one girl gamer that likes telling guys they had their “shit pushed in”…isn’t that butt rape?

My Point –

The internet is not a utopian society, it’s more like a wild frontier. We all put ourselves out there, and say if you present yourself as a fat person, and people hate you on the internet, they will pick that out and make fun of you, so if you put yourself out there as a female, or feminist guess what their going to pick on.

Now as far as gaming culture, for every one 13-year-old jerk off out there who shouts “I’m going to rape you and your mother”, there are hundreds of gamers who just go about their business, and enjoy their games. Hey guess what there are some African-American rapists in prison, are all African-American people rapists? No they are not, there are a lot of good hard-working African-Americans.  I don’t use the word rape in my gaming or real life, please don’t call me a rapist, or one who participates in a rape culture.


Since when do girls play video games?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on February 13, 2012 by theerivs

We all know that women that play video games are just G.I.R.L.’s (or Guys In Real Life), am I right?  Morrigu thought I was a troll and wrote this scathing rebuttle, which I had to laugh, she didn’t realize I was just joking, and having some fun, and that I really dig her stuff..

Why post all the half naked women?  Let’s be honest with each other, I post alot of half naked women on my blog.  So why then,  I love the female form, I find beauty in it. This is my corner of the web, and as you think I am objectifying women, I am posting these pictures in homage to them. I love women to a fault, I open doors for them, I listen to them, and I can even take directions from them well, especially when they tied me up.

Am I Sexist? Yes I admit I am a tad, it’s how I was brought up in an old school Italian way. I think a man should be a man, and a women should be a women. Though I am a Sith, and we do deal in absolutes, it is no excuse to treat a women any less then a human. That being said I have nothing but respect for women, and girls who are out there on the front lines of video game industry trying to change this male ruled virtual universe.  I treat women as equals when I can.

Do women play video games? Of course they do, and alot of them play better then me. There is a blog on my blog roll that I leave up on there in tribute to her, but Hawty McBloggy is a great Halo/FPS gamer and female.  I served under Female Guild leaders like Amber, in several guilds, and Lillis in Blight.  I served on Mage crews with way better mages then me, and they were female. My fellow bloggers who are female are way better players then I could ever hope to be.

Then why be a jerk about it at times? Some one has to be the bad guy, some one has to be the villian. Alot of people on the blogosphere want to be good guys, but to me things don’t get changed if everyone is saying “there isn’t a problem”, when in truth there is. There is method in my madness, while I hold up a mirror and go this is what is wrong. I am a devil’s advocate, a follower of chaos, and an instrument of change.

Am I humble? Fuck no.

Is that a picture of a chick? Hell No, His name is Kimber James.