Drunk on Power

Last night on RIFT, I was on my mage. My Necromancer/Warlock build in full effect. I had my Zealot out, he doe’s look badass with his duel wielding weapons. I was doing Rifts, and such. As I was roaming around, there was alot of Defiant scum milling about the Scarlet Road. All around my level. So I decided to show them whose boss. Let my Zealot go, and slapped on a little Lifes Leech, Void Bolted a few times, and Soul Purged them dead.

I crushed all who opposed me. In fact it seemed no one wanted to engage me. Defiants really let me down. They just seemed content to do their little things. Sorry It’s a PvP server Red means Dead.

It feels good as a mage to be a little OP one on one. When a group attacks me, yeah I’m deader then a doorknob. I don’t even know how a doorknob is that dead, and how one can be deader than one. Either way I get killed quick if faced with oppositions of enough numbers.

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