EVE and Me.

My good friends are talking up EVE, and it’s new expansion Incarna. Now I tried EVE for 14 days, I liked it don’t get me wrong, Graphics were stunning, and it was a very polished smooth game, but after awhile I lost my way. This is almost a sandbox game, and like most of those games if I lack direction, then I falter, and eventually give up. That’s probably a very sad metaphor for my life, but I digress.

Now that being said, my friends said you can now own bars, have exotic dancers in your captain’s chambers, even own a brothel.  I think anyone who reads me know that I have a small dream to be a virtual pimp, and this game may…just may allow me to live those dreams.

For now I’ll just sit back and see if CCP delivers what they promise. In other news CCP is being attacked through Denial of Service Attacks, and they have been fighting back. I hope they come out unscathed.


3 Responses to “EVE and Me.”

  1. Several hours after the attack, they were back up and running. I’m going to take a stab at EVE with a 21 day trial. I give no promises because, like you, I gave up in less then 5 days last time I had a 14 day trial over a year ago byte lack of direction and ungawdly amount of menus, turned me off. That and I couldn’t figure out how the hell to get out of the docking station.

    This tine I hope to learn something from the game to enlighten me about the genre and why it is stale with new titles like SWTOR coming out. Read my latest post on Revalutionary thoughts in MMOs of the past. You can see why MMOs are playing it safe with arcade style games.

  2. I actually hadn’t heard about owning bars and brothels. CCP is always so impressive as a company. Wish more studios had balls like they do.

  3. You can’t own bars and brothels when Incarna first comes out. However, I think you can have a stripper’s pole. The bars have been promised. I’m not sure about the brothels, but with Goons in the game, you can bet it will happen 🙂

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