Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!

So I’m back playing Warhammer, I noticed alot of changed things. Like some machine that turns you into a Skaven, which I didn’t play around with. Then I came to a manticore sitting on the keep. I clicked on it, and it started flying on its own, I didn’t have no control over it, except bombing, and a dismount button. At first I felt like George Jetson, screaming “Get me off this crazy thing”  Then I was like ok lets see what it does. So it flew over to the other keep in the area which order owned, Oh look a bunch of Order, I started bombing them, and the damage was mediocre at best.  After a bit I got bored, and dismounted. I flew right in the middle of the Order group, oh I got my ass kicked, but imagine their surprise of me landing right in the middle of them. I love it.

There’s a lot of new toys in Warhammer, but I still get a joy of the viseral PvP that it offers, groups of opposing factions facing each other, and the joy of 4 or 5 order trying to kill me, as I watch a Witch Elf from my guild kill them off. That’s part of the joy of Warhammer for me, teamwork, and people knowing their jobs.  In Warhammer mostly thats all that’s left in WAR, just killers.

One Response to “Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!”

  1. I resubbed last week to see whats going on, its been alright. I bought the rvr pack and noticed a big difference in RR gain. The other thing I noticed is that rr doesnt cap at your level anymore, which is nice.

    I too clicked on the Manticore and told the wife “hey look I’m flying, but I have no idea where I’m going” I also have old siege equipment still in my bags that are totaly useless come to find out; I need to find a guide or something on all the new stuff.

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