The Banstick

Someone showed up Blizzard, we can’t have that. Showed Blizzard their flaws…shame on them. Ensidia beat the Lich King. Blizzard said they used an exploit, and banned them. Larisa goes into it more then I care too.

I just want to touch on this subject. Is it fair to Ensidia. No. It’s Blizzard being the 800lb Gorrilla they are, and trying to make an example of them. It smacks of the 4-man Leviathian Incident.

If the game allows me to do it, and I figure out how to do it. Why should I be punished? Say we were in the NFL, and I figured out if I tossed to the reciever on the left, because on the left you have a bad safety covering there. That’s like the Ref’s blowing a foul, because I know the player was weak…isn’t that ridiculous.

Whether you feel it’s cheating or not, whether Ensidia used an exploit or not, whether they knew or not is regardless. If the game code allowed them to do it, then I see no fault. I feel Blizz is in the wrong.

Though in the scope of thing 3 day ban, been there done that, it ain’t so bad. 😉

7 Responses to “The Banstick”

  1. Agreed with you. If its possible in the game (exploit or not) its Blizzard responsability to fix it. Dont go around and ban ppl for using it.

    As for a 3 day ban not being so bad…for us normal ppl it isnt too bad. For a guild who’s trying to be world first, 3 days is huge.

  2. I wanna know what you got banned for….

  3. I had to rename a character before and got warning. I guess Pooblaster is not a good name

  4. In football terminology, exploiting != cheating like it does in the gaming world. That scenario you mention is completely legal and in the design of the gameplay. Exploiting faulty coding or whatever is obvious cheating. You sign that Eula stating that you will play the game within the designs they set forth and if you don’t you could lose your account. That said, I don’t know what they did specifically, but if they used an exploit like that, then its pretty shut and dry.

  5. Oh, and I know what Riv got banned for!

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