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Guild Trauma

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on April 26, 2011 by theerivs

Keredrea over at Tree of Life had a post about Guild Drama. Though it was a good story, I think back at all the incidents of guild drama over the years and think, man that guild is lucky.  I had guilds implode, get ripped apart, destroyed over drama, so much so it’s more like Guild Trauma

I’m going to open the books, and give you two examples of Guild Trauma from the Lore of River.

1. – The Guild that Rises Like a Phoenix –  Back in the days of yore my first MMO was Dark Ages of Camelot. I was then a part of one the best guilds on the Iseult server, Albion side called the Knights of The Red Dragon. From some fluke someone who shouldn’t have officer control got it, and were making life hell for us. We asked that person to leave, they would not.  Most of the members of the KOTRD met, and it was my first guild meeting in game, it was pretty neat. We all voted on if we wanted to leave KOTRD, which meant we had to start from scratch, which meant reset of our guild realm points, etc..etc.. The decision was made however to start anew. We called ourselves Phoenix Ascension. That’s what we did. We rose back through the ranks, and outdid our old guild.

2. Thoroughly Oppressed – Actually I was the cause more or less for a pretty good guild to bust up. In WoW, Phoenix Ascension languished, so we decided to join forces with a guild called Oppress. We were under their banner. I felt like the leadership wasn’t running the guild to my liking. So I quietly left, someone else took up my banner, and thought that the leadership was treating me unfairly, and decided that was the reason I quit, his name was Torkz, Torkz started an outright war within the guild over the reasons because I left, and got the PA folks on his side, and separated from Oppress. Thus ending the Oppress guild.   We went on to form a new guild named Blight, and I think they are still going strong on the Garona server from last I checked.

No matter what if you have a collection of people, you are going to have some drama…hopefully everyone is mature enough to handle it and move on…..

Good Luck with That.

Self Righteous Carebears

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on March 1, 2010 by theerivs

Yeah I had another run in with the new guildies….

Ok I play on a PvP server. Ganking is just a fact of life. Back when I was leveling up STV was a war zone. You can either cry about it, and go on a PvE server, or as Woody said in Zombieland, “Nut up or shut up”

I get ganked all the time, I play a mage. If I don’t die someway or somehow I feel I failed as a mage. Now I do gank as well, usually I make sure the zones are safe from griefers, like a horde mage was killing alliance lowbies in Southshore, so I lent a hand…until he got a hunter, and shaman friend, but thats how it goes, or the time a hordey was messing with my guildie in Felwood. That doesn’t fly with me, so I went hunting for vengeance.

Yes there is no challenge in it, yes I hate it when it’s done to me, but they do do it to me, so it’s going to be done right back. Childish? Yes. If you read me long enough, you come to terms I have alot of hate issues. I hate the other faction, yes I use to be horde, but I’m alliance now, screw them.

The other day some new person to our guild, lets just say the name rhymes with ‘rentitent’, starts bitching about ganking. I said I gank people on a regular basis. I start getting ramrodded by some of the newer guildies, then this douchnozzle starts saying that maybe if I used that time to get better gear, maybe I could raid with them. He continued in that vein for awhile.

Even some other guildies were like woe, that was out of line. I let him go, even though I was PISSED off. I promised Mom I would behave. Though I guess I could of shut up, but I did drop some smart ass comments like I was ganking people. Like I would say things like, “Look this guy is waving to me, must be waving bye…BYE!” **Edit – Even though I was saying these smart ass comments about how I was ganking peeps, no one who was upset even looked to see where I was…Strat, trying for my Baron Mount for the 837th time.

I could whip out my EPEEN in this post, not worth it. Check out my armory, Frostscourge, on Azgalor. Yes my gear isn’t the best, but I don’t think it sucks either….does it?

Anywho I don’t have the time anymore to do serious raiding, I wish I did, but I have 2 handicapped people to take care of at home, a job, and I like to go out to drink once in a while. Forgive me if my gear is shitty oh holier than thou priest, I beg thee forgiveness.

Next time you go off on me, Mom or no Mom, Guild or no Guild….I’ll let you have it so hard, you’ll have gender issues for the next week. Then to add insult to injury, I’ll just log into my horde toon on my server, and hunt you down myself.

Bottomline, we’re on a PvP server to me, red equals dead…you QQ about it, you don’t like it….you can get the hell out, not me.

***Interesting read for new people to a guild…Syp from Bio Break.

The Banstick

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on February 4, 2010 by theerivs

Someone showed up Blizzard, we can’t have that. Showed Blizzard their flaws…shame on them. Ensidia beat the Lich King. Blizzard said they used an exploit, and banned them. Larisa goes into it more then I care too.

I just want to touch on this subject. Is it fair to Ensidia. No. It’s Blizzard being the 800lb Gorrilla they are, and trying to make an example of them. It smacks of the 4-man Leviathian Incident.

If the game allows me to do it, and I figure out how to do it. Why should I be punished? Say we were in the NFL, and I figured out if I tossed to the reciever on the left, because on the left you have a bad safety covering there. That’s like the Ref’s blowing a foul, because I know the player was weak…isn’t that ridiculous.

Whether you feel it’s cheating or not, whether Ensidia used an exploit or not, whether they knew or not is regardless. If the game code allowed them to do it, then I see no fault. I feel Blizz is in the wrong.

Though in the scope of thing 3 day ban, been there done that, it ain’t so bad. 😉