Girls got Cooties!

Yeah, I'd rather raid with her, then you dude.

I was reading Pugger Priest, and came across this, and was like wha? Really? An All Male Guild….I admit there are some times I like a place where its men only, where a male can bond, and just be his farting, nut scratching, 17 year old boy self, usually when my latest female in my life, spears my heart, and devours it, but my MMO isn’t one of them. Even strip clubs have women, they’re called strippers….and god bless those girls.

I find it strange, you can’t handle being mature enough to do your job around women, you can’t focus on your spell rotation when a girl is around, then really if you can’t handle your job around anybody, around the different personalities in WoW male or female, then maybe you should go play a single player game. Yes it’s their 15 bucks a month, but I think their limiting themselves, while giving the male of our species a bad name, also giving into that typical male gamer stereotype. This reminds me of when I was 7, when I thought girls had cooties, and I didn’t want to get infected by their girldom 

I don’t like exclusionists, it’s worst than elitist attitudes. Even if the guild was all female it would rub me the wrong way. Though if they raided naked…I would rub myself the wrong way. Bottomline,  Sometimes we males can get a little douchebagitis, and if I was to say I would play with only straight males, then I would have missed out meeting some of the greatest players I have ever known who just happened to be women, gay, lesbian…and everything in between. Now I’ve learned that Girls got Coochies, and not Cooties….and I don’t mind those getting on me.

11 Responses to “Girls got Cooties!”

  1. You crack me up. I agree though, I wouldn’t want to raid with just men or just ladies. We’re all adults here.

  2. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    There are ways of driving someone to distraction if a girl should chose, but then those girls should have no place on a serious raiding team – I used to raid with probably the biggest bundle of squeeling girlyness – but the moment raid started – she was serious, there is a time and a place and I think the girls who raid nakid are called cam girls.. but then they get paid..

  3. it definitely beats all those guilds I see that say Rogues only, or something just as stupid. What are you going to Raid with a bunch of Rogues?

  4. I can see a single sex guild as a haven for someone recovering from a trauma imposed by the opposite sex – survivors of a nasty divorce/breakup. It probably feels good to have a place where you can get the bitterness out of your system in guild chat without inflicting it on random PUGs or Trade. The problem, of course, is that staying in that atmosphere encourages you to hold on to the bitterness. I was in an all-female guild after my worst breakup, and it helped to be able to say nasty things about men without having to say, “except you” to guys in the guild. But I moved on, and I’m glad.

  5. I guess the difference with all female-guilds is that they do act as safespaces for those who find themselves suddenly minorities in the overwhelmingly male culture of WoW.

    But, yeah, all dude guilds are silly. WE WANT TEH CHICKS. Ahem.

  6. Another reason why the definition of “guild” is not what it used to be.

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  8. WoW She is the most beautiful women in the world WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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