The Triple P

Epic_Fail2I pulled a ‘Triple P’ last night in Heroic TOC 25, in other terms…Piss Poor Performance.

I hold myself up to higher standards then anyone else does, and I beat myself up alot.

First off, new arcane spec, I think it needs some tweaking here and there, I did not see a performance gain, I think arcane potency is a talent I need to get. I was an idiot leaving that off.

Second off, I died from stupid mistakes last night, Like on Anub, I got to much into DPS i wasn’t aware of my surrounding, and got jacked by spikes. There were one or two more mistakes i made, that cost me my life, and once possible a wipe of the raid.  Like on Icehowl, I thought I moved out of the way, I even blinked, and he still hit me. How, I don’t know? I think I blinked straightish more then to the right or left. Either way serious amateur bullcrap.

For the triple play my DPS sucked sure I was at 4k+ but I could, and should of done better I think. 8 overall on DPS charts. Just call me crappy mccrapmage.

Well I’m glad I didn’t win anything last night. I shouldn’t even rolled on gear,  that’s how crappy I think I did.  There’s gonna be serious changes tonight in my arcane spec, and a rethinking of my gems as well.

Though there is a little bit of good news, I got enough badges for my T9 helm. So i got that all gemmed up, and head enchant on it after the Raid, so that will help a tosh…..I hope.

8 Responses to “The Triple P”

  1. Lol, no wonder we wiped on Anub…we were on HEROIC 25 man ToC…at least according to you 😉

    Seriously, it went pretty well except for Northrend Beast (dont ask me why, that fight should be a cake walk) and Anub of course. Its now been 2 weeks of fail on Anub and i’m seriously starting to wonder if our strat is wrong (i’ve never done it that way in PuGs and i’ve never wipe on it in PuGs either) or if we just have a bunch of retard dps…

    Anyway, lets hope the big bug will eat dirt next week.

  2. @Kotakh – the strat wasn’t wrong. It’s a dps issue. First, I’m not sure we have enough. Second, I’m definitely sure we don’t have enough concentrating on the adds at the appropriate time.

    I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to the big adds which everyone seemed to want to concentrate on, but the little adds were killing us. Those damn dots were a pain in the ass! That last attempt I got my stack up to 19 cuz no one would kill it.

    • Well, from what i’ve read on the net (i put a link in the Guild forum) and the way i did it in successful pug, the strat. was partially wrong.

      But yeah, we need better dps too 😦

  3. Just respecced again today, bye bye 50g. LOL

  4. shadowwar Says:

    I came SO close to useing that image for my Saturday post. Glad to see someone else found it as hilarious as I did!

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