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Forge of Souls Curse

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 9, 2010 by theerivs

Normally as a mage I don’t complain about fail pugs, cause I rarely do them, but when guildies call I listen.

Everytime I’ve been into the Forge of Souls, it’s been with a certain Guildie, whom I will call Furball, and Everytime we go in the group is horribad in some way or another. Furball, plays several classes he’s a major altiholic. His latest is a Ret Pally. So me Furball, and Guild Tank #4 queued up for a Random…..yeah we got Forge of Souls. I knew it was bad. A Tree Druid, and Warrior.  First thing out of the Druid’s mouth, “Lets steam roll all 3” …I go, “Lets finish this first”

Where the hell do I begin….Let’s start with the Warrior, weilding the BOA axe, and his gear was not gemmerd, or enchanted. Hell I gemmed my 75 level blues. Seriously put something in the slot. Hell you can buy cheap gems…well cheap. That’s just crap. Oh the Tree that wanted to steamroll, yep his gear sucked, and not gemmed. He died alot, I snapped about the third time he died. “Yeah, you die less if you gem your gear I hear, might want to try it.”

Then he dies again, and we get a kick notice on him. Furball, Tank #4, both said they didn’t kick him, and I KNOW I didn’t. The crappy warrior kicked the crappy healer. I was laughing my ass off, Pot meet Kettle.  I was laughing my ass off.

We got a decent tree healer, and finished the rest of the dungeon…except I died on last boss, and we know that shit ain’t cool, and Furball is lucky I don’t charge him for my repair bill, it’s getting up there.

Is that my ass your handing to me? Thank you

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on November 3, 2009 by theerivs

photo_1237425844Well I was actually at this raid.  First of my Dad is a salesman been one for a long time, he told me, “Somedays you bite the bear, other days the bear bites you”  I think he might finally be going senile but I get it.  Things are not going to go your way all the time.

I could tell tension was high last night, people were getting upset with others. At these times I just sit back, and do my job best we can. I only got upset when people were yelling at the mages to CS Jaerxxus fireball, when we have to kill every add in the book, and then go back to dispel. Perhaps it wasn’t directed at me personally cause I spell stole like a mug, and at times the only dps on mobs, so much so Infernos loved me.

I really don’t know what happened on Valk’yrs.  I switched colors, I switched targets, sometimes I died, I tried to watch out for balls. Unfortunately I can only control one person, thats me. Alas it just didn’t happen  last night

I did get a little upset last night, because we quit early. I think we should have went to the last-minute, but alot of tempers ran hot last night.

Here’s the thing We failed last night, just not one of us. Everyone in the guild failed. We’re a team, and one of us sucks, we all do. That’s ok though, we all fail once in a while. We need to pick ourselves off, lick our wounds, and head back in there next time with a better attitude. 

Listen you haven’t been on a bad raid until you had a drunk Pally run into a group of Drakonoids in BWL, screaming so loud your eardrums burst in Vent, “GO TEAM GO!…GO TEAM GO!!”  Funny as hell, but we all died horribly.

Lets look on the bright side, I got a chance at some gear, even though my rolls were shittier then raw pilsbury rolls with shit jam on them, and I got 9 Triumph badges that go for some token gear…so not a total loss. But as for last night, the bear definitely got a chunk of my ass, and is chewing on it.

The Triple P

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on October 27, 2009 by theerivs

Epic_Fail2I pulled a ‘Triple P’ last night in Heroic TOC 25, in other terms…Piss Poor Performance.

I hold myself up to higher standards then anyone else does, and I beat myself up alot.

First off, new arcane spec, I think it needs some tweaking here and there, I did not see a performance gain, I think arcane potency is a talent I need to get. I was an idiot leaving that off.

Second off, I died from stupid mistakes last night, Like on Anub, I got to much into DPS i wasn’t aware of my surrounding, and got jacked by spikes. There were one or two more mistakes i made, that cost me my life, and once possible a wipe of the raid.  Like on Icehowl, I thought I moved out of the way, I even blinked, and he still hit me. How, I don’t know? I think I blinked straightish more then to the right or left. Either way serious amateur bullcrap.

For the triple play my DPS sucked sure I was at 4k+ but I could, and should of done better I think. 8 overall on DPS charts. Just call me crappy mccrapmage.

Well I’m glad I didn’t win anything last night. I shouldn’t even rolled on gear,  that’s how crappy I think I did.  There’s gonna be serious changes tonight in my arcane spec, and a rethinking of my gems as well.

Though there is a little bit of good news, I got enough badges for my T9 helm. So i got that all gemmed up, and head enchant on it after the Raid, so that will help a tosh…..I hope.

A Day of Fail

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on October 15, 2009 by theerivs

SnailMesodonClausus01So I signed up for my Guild TOC 10 run, and Ony 10 run. I was calling myself Snowball, cause I had a Snowball’s chance in hell of going.  In my guild they have a separate rank called Core Raider. No I understand of having a rank which says your competent. I have no issues at all of not going. I got 8 million things to do…*cough* Baron Mount *cough*

Let me get this straight, this is not a rant, a QQ, or a bitch, this is only a thought that came to mind is how can I move up to Core Raider, if I can’t raid with you guys.

So I hung out for a bit in Dalaran, eyeballing the chicks, and showing them my dagger…Spectral Kris…pervs.  Hey a Pug TOC 25, and they were on Champions, never seen that fight. So I went.  Not only did the Pug Fail epically, I did. I was two shotted. I got hit, then before it registered to get the hell away, I got jacked again. Raid leader yelled at me, and I don’t blame him. I was unfamiliar with the fight, and I should of read up a bit. Well the PUG broke down.

Back to looking for something to do. A couple of Guildies were running VOA 10. Some were Puggers, I gotta say there was a great Warlock with us, really knew his stuff. But there was a Druid, and Offtank Warrior that really just made me weep. How bad was the druid, our priest was doing 60% of the healing.  They both had troubles getting out of the Fire. Really is this ability so hard to grasp. I remember first time in Molten Core years ago, a popular saying was, “Fire is bad”  This concept still holds true for today.

If your running raids you really should have DBM, when I get struck by fire it says, “Run Away, Little Girl”  Which makes me giggle with ….nevermind.

So after we failed at VOA, I did my Mount Run…no Mount.  Then I logged and went to watch a movie.

Think my fail ended with WoW, heck no. I got this Japanese Horror movie, ok I have a little thing for Japanese chicks, there i said it.  So I’m thinking Japanese know horror, The Ringu, That other movie about the ghost little boy in the closet.  You get the gist. So how bad could it be. This movie was called Uzumaki, or Spiral. It was so bad I almost wept. It was so bad it passed funny bad, and went right to crappy bad. There was Snail People in it. SNAIL PEOPLE!!! Who the hell is scared of Snails. Just run mofo.

Anyway that’s my crappy night last night, to top it off Iwoke up feeling like a shit sandwich…. a hot one at that.