Rethinking Incanter’s Absoption

I’ve been thinking about Incanter’s Absoption as of late. Being that it is usually fight dependent may be true. When I was on the horde side, I rarely saw fights thats I needed IA in, and I didn’t have any Disc priests in my guild. But in my current guild we have some of the best Discipline Priests in the guild, plus I just heard the damage absorbed by your Wards (Fire/Frost) will even up your damage output. Tonight I will be respeccing and trying to figure out how I can fit this talent into my spec. Any of you mages out there use IA, any thoughts?

It will be fun trying this spec out tonight I think

10 Responses to “Rethinking Incanter’s Absoption”

  1. Xannil of Madoran Says:

    I was never overly enamored with the talent. If you had spare pts, ok fine.

    I use my dual spec for a pvp build. If I didn’t though, I could see it as an interesting situational build.

    • Yeah I’m gonna try it on a raid or two, if I don’t see an notable increase were going back to the ole tried and true.

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