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The Triple P

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on October 27, 2009 by theerivs

Epic_Fail2I pulled a ‘Triple P’ last night in Heroic TOC 25, in other terms…Piss Poor Performance.

I hold myself up to higher standards then anyone else does, and I beat myself up alot.

First off, new arcane spec, I think it needs some tweaking here and there, I did not see a performance gain, I think arcane potency is a talent I need to get. I was an idiot leaving that off.

Second off, I died from stupid mistakes last night, Like on Anub, I got to much into DPS i wasn’t aware of my surrounding, and got jacked by spikes. There were one or two more mistakes i made, that cost me my life, and once possible a wipe of the raid.  Like on Icehowl, I thought I moved out of the way, I even blinked, and he still hit me. How, I don’t know? I think I blinked straightish more then to the right or left. Either way serious amateur bullcrap.

For the triple play my DPS sucked sure I was at 4k+ but I could, and should of done better I think. 8 overall on DPS charts. Just call me crappy mccrapmage.

Well I’m glad I didn’t win anything last night. I shouldn’t even rolled on gear,  that’s how crappy I think I did.  There’s gonna be serious changes tonight in my arcane spec, and a rethinking of my gems as well.

Though there is a little bit of good news, I got enough badges for my T9 helm. So i got that all gemmed up, and head enchant on it after the Raid, so that will help a tosh…..I hope.