Not So Wild

1545866_10152110761373486_393519467_nWell it was a Wildstar Beta Weekend, and I wish I can say I was impressed, and loved it with all my heart….but I can’t. I had a few issues with it, but I admit I only created a bunch of toons, and played the starting zones.


Now my computer is starting to be long in the tooth, so I get the graphics were jenky, and I had to dumb everything way down…maybe I have some more tweaking but the graphics were still a little jenky. For example models flickering, and cut scenes looking askew. This wasn’t the only fact that didn’t impress me about Wildstar.


WoW is cartoony, Wildstar is a out and out cartoon you can play. That’s the art style I get it, but if you don’t like hyper reality of your men and women, then you won’t like this, what I mean is all the women have big boobs, with big butts, and all the men are Arnold clones. I liked the art style it was like playing a cartoon from my youth. The races/classes/ paths were pretty cool, and you get to customize a lot of your toon. The problem I have is you can customize you face nine ways to Sunday, why can you customize your body a bit. I would of really liked some body customization if your going to go through all that work to let people do  it to your face.


 Starter Zones

Really on rails alot which I’m used to now thanks to WoW and goblins, and worgens. Doesn’t mean I still have to like it. It makes for alts very boring, and tiresome. Everyone starts at the same place to for each faction. I would of like some different starting zones to mix it up for the alts.

Combat – 

I actually liked this it seemed fast paced, and there was a lot going on, alot of movement involved. I need to play around more with it..but so far I liked it.

Overall – 

It wasn’t a bad game, I won’t condemn it. It needs some polish but it’s in Beta, and there were some good points. I don’t think I’m hopping aboard some hype train and pre-ordering just yet. I’ll keep my eye on it though as it does have some merit.

13 Responses to “Not So Wild”

  1. There are 2 starting zones for each faction which you would know if you actually did “create a bunch of characters”.

    “Only played the starting zones” Is about the dumbest basis for reviewing a game and it’s gameplay as I’ve ever heard.

    Also, the games graphics are very smooth, even on max settings so just because your graphics card is shit (and probably not even minimum required spec) doesn’t mean the game graphics are poor bc ur weak card can’t handle the game.

    Play the game and do a real review instead of a shitty traffic grab loaded headline review.

    Nice try though, hack!

    • theerivs Says:

      Dear sir/madam, if you actually read my post. It says my computer is crap and I realize that. I also admit that I did a lot of limited things, and this is my opinion of what I did thus far. If you also read my post you would see I didn’t say it was a bad game, just I didn’t like some things. This wasn’t a review, I am not a critic, I am a blogger and I offer my opinions. If I worked at a game magazine, or an actual gaming website I would understand your misplaced hatred. Thank you for taking time to not read my post, and commenting anyway…oh by the way suck my dick. That is all.

      • Hah! About as intelligent a response as this article you wrote.

        I’m not even sure you actually even played the game because of how horrible your points are, most which aren’t even accurate.

        Like I said… Nice try kiddo.

      • theerivs Says:

        Yeah well I dumbed down my response for a fanboy that you are.

      • I would agree with Cold. With that limited play experience, I don’t feel as though you gave the game a fair evaluation. For example, having played Vanilla WoW, I can tell you this game (in beta) is significantly more polished than WoW was at launch. I am sure you are just going to label me a fanboy as well, and that is okay… especially if it helps in rationalizing the poor arguments and confirmation bias present in this article. 🙂

      • theerivs Says:

        Is no one reading my post . A. I acknowledge that I didn’t play that much. B. I know the game is in Beta. C. I say that I will see what the game brings. D. These are only my opinions of what I played thus far..

        But…if the community of Wildstar is like you and Cold I don’t think I want to play cause you guys can’t read shit

  2. Aw, that’s a shame you didn’t love it right off the bat! Hopefully you can do another beta weekend and see if it floats your boat more. I personally found it to be a lot less sloggy than WoW, yet similar in feel, so I enjoyed that part of it a lot.

  3. I also had some very interesting graphics problems—no problem running WoW at max settings but I had to dumb things wayyyyy down as soon as I got into Wildstar. The game didn’t grab me, either. It was fun, but it likely won’t be a game I add to my collection.

  4. Offfft I see you have annoyed some of the yokels 😉

    The game runs pretty rough as its not been optimized yet, I dont expect it to have much higher specs than WoW. Try and grab a key for this weekend as a big patch has been pushed through which may improve performance issues.

    My first reaction was kind of like yours and if I’d stuck with only playing the starting zones I probably would have dismissed it. After tasting the Nexus however it got me hooked. The graphics whilst cartoony are stunning and the mobs have some excellent/hilarious animations.

    The game isnt perfect though and it has its faults, like everything i guess. Questing I found to be pretty laborious and boring but the combat for me brought everything together nicely. They have just nailed the action combat but in an mmo setting imo.

    Also try some pvp, some people dont like the telegraph system but i personally think it really flourishes in the pvp environment.

    Overall I love the game, it doesnt take itself too seriously and can actually see it doing really well long term.

    • theerivs Says:

      When don’t I upset the yokels. lol Yeah I’m going to try to play it as much as I can, and yes I realize it will get better as it goes along. These yokels act as if I reviewing a finished product, it was neither finished, or a review lol

      • Yeah certain gamers can get a tad defensive. End of the opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and everyone thinks there’s doesn’t stink

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