The WoD Checklist

undead-warlockWell Warlords of Draenor is months away doesn’t mean I can’t get prepared. Cause I don’t want another Illidan yelling at me about how unprepared I am.

So here it it.


Warlords of Draenor Checklist.

1. Gold – I would like to have at least 100k on both sides of Alliance and Horde, more would be better but I want that at least.

2. Gear – I don’t want the top gear, and I’m not going to kill myself to get the best because I know when WoD comes out the gear game starts anew.

3.Transmog – Get some more cool transmog gear for all my toons.

4. 2 Toons for each side – Make sure I got toons ready on Alliance side, and Horde side

5. Find a new horde home – I got a couple horde toons I want to work on I need a new home, a level 25 guild to help leveling.

6. Level a  Toon to 60 – I want to boost a Toon on Alliance side with Jewelcrafting/Enchanting

7. More Mounts – I gotta collect’em all.

8. Pre-order WoD – To get boost, and raven mount, money’s a tosh tight right now but I’m gonna do it.

So that’s what I got to keep me busy, I think I’ll be OK


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