Weakly Lagout

I’m gonna start using that spelling of weakly. Why? Cause I can!

High Latency Living –

Well still WoWing it, PvP style. I’m still worried about Patch 5.3, but I’m working on my mage…almost 90. Here’s a link to some Dev Talk about 5.3 I’m gonna try to do some Age of Wushu this weekend. We’ll see. I’ve been looking at my Guild Wars 2 Icon on my desktop alot lately as well.

High Latency Love –

I just stumbled onto a site thanks to Twitter, and it was highly entertaining. Lilmissy4205’s site . Had an interesting read about the Klaxxi. Also she does something with Gamebreaker TV,and I love those guys…since they had me on there…When are they going to invite me back damn it??? LOL!

High Latency Laugh –

Since I’ve been playing my mage…so true…



 WIth that…



3 Responses to “Weakly Lagout”

  1. Mike D. (@themikedavis) Says:

    Still waiting on my SWTOR xpac coverage. lol

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