Now I’m going to wreck some things

563871_329971053750303_570115100_nMy mage hit 90, and I’m fitting to blow some stuff up….in big time fashion. It’s AV CTA too. Oh shit….it’s on like a pile of neckbones.  I love the mage class, I worked on my Pally more because of utility, Tank, and healers are always needed. My mage is a work of love though. Love because I love blowing things up.

Speaking of Alterac Valley, let me tell you the best things I do in AV. I wait until the Alliance turns the tower, say like Tower Point. I sneak in the tower invisible, and stand in the back of the room. Most of the time, the alliance is standing there watching the door. I pop up in the back of the room, and turn the tower back. When it works….it’s pure awesomeness. I literally almost get a mage boner. I can’t wait to try that a few times tonight.

I converted my justice points, to honor. I had enough honor to get the Mal robe. The rest of my armor is crafted. I am in DIRE need of weapons, and trinkets/rings so I’m going to get those first.

Can’t wait to make some corpse piles…cause Mages didn’t invent corpse piles…we made them better.

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