Back to Mage School

hot girl 6I’ve been working on my mage quite a bit. as of late. It seems things changed quite a bit since the last time i maged it up. No longer am I the harbinger of death that I use to be, in PvE, or PvP.Β  I have rotations in every spec now, in Frost I have thinks like Frost Bomb, and I have to keep up my Ice Barrier, and in Fire I have things like Living Bomb, and Combustion. I’m afraid to check out my favorite spec, Arcane I heard it’s not the melt your face spec that it once was either. Though it’s a little more fun, when grinding mobs, I still wish it was fireballx3 = dead, or Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Two Blizzards = dead. Maybe it’s the gear, or the fact I’m still 89.

It’s funny I’ve been playing a mage since Vanilla, and I use to feel god like…not anymore…hell even my portals aren’t as awesome as they use to be.

Well at least I’m not as bad as a couple of players I ran a dungeon with last night. Hey group up during magnetic shroud, and invest in downloading Deadly Boss Mods. Thanks for the 19 minute wait for the epic fail.

Anywho despite all the changes, and the way mage class is set up now, I’m still enjoying it.

7 Responses to “Back to Mage School”

  1. I’m still playing Arcane and it feels like something happened over the past couple weeks… just feels a little more sluggish and I’m not seeing boosts from new gear or increased knowledge of fights. It actually feels kind of stagnant right now and I’m considering either checking out new talents or even *gasp* trying out fire for a bit.

  2. Go warlock, you won’t look back πŸ˜€

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