My Mario Skills Are Not Leet

princessThere are few things that really bother me about Guild Wars 2, first is there it’s damn near impossible for me to find groups for dungeons, so much so I haven’t even been in one, and just gave up for now, and doing alot of WvW to break the monotony of my grinding, but this doesn’t really rile me up as much as my other issue.

The damn things you need to jump for, like vistas, and or skill challenges. I also hear later on you have jumping puzzles to get superior siege. If I wanted to play Mario, and rescue some princesses I would, and lets be honest I suck at that stuff. I come from a fighter game background, I played Scorpion ripping out spines, not Luigi fighting Fungus. So I’ll probably never complete a map, and I’m pretty ok with that….but sometimes I wish I didn’t need to do this in Guild Wars 2.

 I’m just glad there’s not a Princess waiting for me…she’d be waiting a long…long time.

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