His Hate is like Sweet Honey On My Lips

A person named Antero just left a comment on an old post called Art of War, it was at the height of my war against Role Players. The comment was so full of hate, it took me back a step, but I still loved it…the comment was delicious.  I don’t know their story, why they hate RP so much, what happened to them. Antero if your reading this, I want a back story if there is one.  Here’s his comment.

“RP communities across the board have become a breeding ground for attention starved girls who’ll stop at nothing to one-up eachother. I’ve turned to DnD for my roleplay needs as it’s been shown, time and time again, the drama inherent with someone who just doesn’t get to talk about herself outside the game. Am I sexist? Maybe, or maybe I’m just sick and tired of seeing this situation arise again and again. The worst ones are the ones who post pictures in an ooc forum and then use their average-but-not-butt-ugly looks to metagame the weaker roleplayers into doing what they want.

You can’t get a word in these days without having to listen to one of umpteen female characters talk about her past for three hours. Then they have the nerve to put on airs ooc about their E.L. James literary performance (repititive gestures and all), like it would suffocate these cows to talk like an every day human being.
So yeah, fuck the drama and fuck the bloated whales who constantly perpetuate it.

What this Anna has done is another symptom of someone who hasn’t had real friends (the kind that might be in close vicinity to her) since grade school. If she had any fall back in the real world in terms of a social net, she wouldn’t be doing this. Instead she hoards followers and flips the fuck out whenever the foundations of her precious virtual social scene get shaken.

Fuck the drama and fuck the bloated whales who perpetuate it.”

Thank you Antero…you brightened my weekend, and that comment was scrumptious.

2 Responses to “His Hate is like Sweet Honey On My Lips”

  1. “Fuck the drama and fuck the bloated whales who perpetuate it.”

    Says the guy perpetuating it by posting it in detail for all the world to see lol.

  2. […] I think this mans thoughts pretty much sums it up for me, as crude as it is…it gets the point across. Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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