By Odin’s Frosted Balls

So I started my Guild Wars 2 experience, it had a few little bugs, like it wouldn’t let me join my guild until a few trys, or it keeps asking me to validate my email, and some other minor stuff.  Overall though not any real major problems.  Actually no real lag, or glitches and I’m impressed, just alot of restarts due to updates in the client.

I am playing a Norn Warrior, and letting my inner Viking flag fly. I’m level 6 as of last night. I really love duel wielding weapons, and how the choices of my attacks actually change with my weapons. I’m level 5, and so far I’m liking the game. The fighting is intense sometimes. I’ve been mining some copper, exploring the world.

So far I’m really liking GW2…but there so much going on, a  new patch for WoW coming out today too. I just got a closed beta invite to SMITE. 

By Odin’s Frosted Balls I have a ton of gaming to do, and so little time

One Response to “By Odin’s Frosted Balls”

  1. I’ve got a SMITE key today too, but I doubt that I’ll try it now.

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