Things I Love About Cataclysm – Guild Perks System

Cataclysm is here, and I think I’m in love.  There are many, many things about it that make me happy.  Each week, for the next few weeks, I plan to highlight on a favorite changes/updates in Cataclysm.


I really love the new Guild Perks System.  In the last 2 weeks my guild has doubled in size.  We absorbed another buddy guild that we raided with in WOTLK and (as legend has it) BC and Vanilla WoW.  As of yesterday the guild is on a steady path to Level 5 (Mr. Popularity).  I am currently friendly with my guild and doing my best to become honored so that I can take advantage of more perks.

For those not familiar with the new system, I’m gonna break it down with the information I have.  (e.g. this ain’t scripture):

You now have the ability to earn Guild Experience (a pooled amount among the entire guild – max 6246xp per day) and Guild Reputation (individually – 3500xp max per week). 

Guild (Pooled) Experience is earned in the following ways:

  • Questing/Daily Quests
  • Leveling Professions
  • Participating in Guild Runs (Dungeons, Raids) – in order to qualify as a “Guild Run” you must have 80% of the group being from the Guild.  [that means 4 of 5, 8 of 10, 12 of 15, 20 of 25]
  • Participating in Guild Rated BG’s – same 80% applies. My understanding is this is offered in raid groups of 10 and 15 – I would assume 40 mans would qualify as well?
  • Achieving Achievements
  • Obtaining Legendary Items

Obtaining Guild Reputation occurs similarly.  You will see your guild reputation gains in the standard amethyst-colored text, usually succeeding your faction reputation gains. 

As your guild gains new levels from experience – new perks become available to you.  (Please refer to the table provided by WowHead for a listing of all the cool stuff.)  You will have to have a sufficient level of Guild Reputation in order to purchase these items.  This way, people are detered from Guild hopping to gather all the different perks.  If you leave your guild, you will also leave behind the Reputation you have gained – and all the pooled Guild Experience you have helped to earn. 

I’ll end with some suggestions of how to change your daily WoW habits to help make gains within your Guild. 

#1 – Wear your Reputation Tabards. Put on your favorite new factions tabard and SAVE that bitch on your raiding gear set.  55 exalted reputations will earn your guild the Dark Phoenix mount.  It’s purple and sparkly and full of fucking badassness.  I’ll recommend the Ramkahen Tabard because there is nothing funnier than a bear on a camel

#2Go organic and cook your own food.  Beruthiel outlines this awesomely… so I’ll let her do it. Now, I’m not just needing to piss every five seconds when I’m healing a dungeon – I’m also all tweaked up on caffeine. 🙂

updated 12/20/10: I hear this may have been hotfixed.

#3Kill as many Critters as you can find.  Critter Kill Squad will open up a new non-combat pet to you when you reach 50,000 slewn.  I’ve gone from the character that will help out the poor dying mammoths to one that kills the furriest of bunny.  I have a real feeling of accomplishment when I can Holy Nova three at a time.  I’m an unstoppable killing machine now.

#4Queue up for stuff with your Guildmates, ffs. It is so nice to have people that you know are trying, listening and responsive.  It is also quite nice to not be kicked from your dungeon group right before engaging the last boss on the LONG ASS FUCKING dungeon that is the Lost City of the Tol’vir because you got disconnected. 

Yeah, I’m looking at you Windows Update.

4 Responses to “Things I Love About Cataclysm – Guild Perks System”

  1. I noticed the higher level your toons are the more Guild XP you get, so even though lowlifes are low levels thus far if we keep at it we should do well for ourselves here.

  2. Don’t forget the fishing one!

  3. My guild’s doing the critter achievement. We found some cool spots to farm… yes we’re farming critters.

    Outside of Orgrimmar there’s two little pens full of ‘Swine.’ Destroy them.

    There’s a cave in north Eastern Plaguelands (next to the river between EPL and WPL) full of the spider-humanoids. The cave is more like a tunnel and FULL of all kinds of bugs. Like, Arcane Explosion gets like 10-12 bugs at a time.

    And in Mulgore, in the mountains next to Desolace, is a weird little plateau with Rambo-esque critters trying to kill each other.

    Anyway, happy slaughtering 😀

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