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Let Me Tell You A Story

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Smoke01This is a story from the archives that I wanted to get down for myself, more than anything. I’ve been thinking about this person a lot lately and I don’t know why.

Let us go through the mists of time, back when I was 19 and hanging out at the local bowling alley arcade where I played Street Fighter 2 like it was my second job. I was pretty much the best fighter playing that game, I would use Ken, or Blanka. Really any fighting game I was awesome at there, and I wasn’t bad with pinball either, but SF2 was my forte.

I was not the only king of the hill, there was another. His name was Greg. Me and Greg battled for supremacy all the time he favored Ryu, or Dhalsim. Our battles were legendary, people would gather to see us fight. When either me or him lost someone would step up and try to fight us, but we would crush them so bad it made the other one laugh. Some of the battles were such a workout I sometimes built a sweat like I was at a gym. We had some epic battles in Mortal Kombat as well. I was always Raiden, and he was Sub-Zero. When I exploded his head I made the same weird gesture Raiden did like I was blowing off his head.

Greg to look at was a typical stoner, long hair, listened to metal, wore a leather jacket even in 90 degree weather, and did copious amounts of drugs. After months of battling it out we became friends of a sort outside the arcade. We would hang out once in awhile. Then he disappeared, I really didn’t have a number for him. We just always met at the bowling alley. A few weeks went by, and I asked around and no one has seen him.

Then one day he shows up, his hair cut, and he was wearing…a sweater. I was like, “What the hell?”  He told me he found God, that after dropping acid one night, he thought he saw the devil, and sold his soul to the devil. He went to church the next day, and was saved.   I shit you not he told me this.   Now mind you do what you gotta do to get right with yourself, but the change was so drastic it was a shock. Ok so your a born again Christian, who cares. Let’s play a game, he told me that he was giving that up because he didn’t feel it was Godly. He tried to get me to come to church with him, but I had some very choice words for him. In retrospect I was real mean, and I always felt bad about it.  I never seen him again after that night.

I always wondered about what happened to him, and I miss those days in the arcade. The reason I bring this up though cause throughout my gaming history there has been those other players, who brought out the best gaming in me, who made me improve in my game. I’d like to thank the Greg’s of the world.  Wherever Greg is I hope he returned to gaming, and kicking someone’s ass somewhere and maybe one day I’ll see him again, and I’ll tell him sorry.

Iron Man Charity

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irongirlZeke at Iron Man Mode contacted me saying he’s having a Charity Event to send Iron Man Mode out with a bang.


I urge you to support him, and help him out…


5 Awesome Game Moments.

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11-RagnarosI was thinking about the Overmind’s speech in original Starcraft, and I thought what other moments was I just blown away while playing a game. I have TONS, but here’s a few.

5 Awesome Game Moments. 

5. Easter Eggs – There was an easter egg in the classic Atari 2600 game, can you tell me what it was? I’d tell you but I don’t like spoilers.

4. Everyone is Kung Fu Fighting– The first time I did the right combo to make Ken jump in the air and scream Hayukin.

3. By Fire be Purged – When Ragnaros popped out of the lava for the first time in my life, I was just whoa like Neo from Matrix.

2. For the Overmind – In Starcraft when the Overmind spoke to me for the first time. “Awaken my child….”, I was like yes let fuck up some Terrans and Protoss.

1.Who let the dogs loose? –  In Resident Evil, when those dogs jumped through the window. I literally was a woman in a horror movie…yes I screamed. No other game recaptured that sheer horror for me.


I would LOVE if you shared some of yours?

Study The Past If You Would Define The Future

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Kelly-kapowski“Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius

My friend Scarybooster has started a new podcast, and I absolutely love the idea. Not too long ago me and few other bloggers posted Our 15 most influential games , and I loved going through my past, and seeing other peoples past. This podcast is almost of an extension of that, and I’m excited to see this. So keep tabs on this podcast, and who know soon you might hear the pretty tones of my voice, like heaven itself opening up and uttering it’s song. Scary’s an awesomely funny guy, so do yourself a favor check him out.

I won’t go over my video game past much more, got to hold something back…but I wanted to give you another nugget.

Top 5 things that influenced me as a video gamer, that weren’t video games.

1. Board Games – My very first multiplayer experience wasn’t WoW it was Chutes and Ladders. I loved all board games from Sorry, Risk, Stratego, Chess, Checkers, etc.. It instilled in me the love of gaming.

2. Poker – My grandma taught me how to play poker at a very young age, and this combined with board games spurred my love of competition, and gaming.

3. Dungeons and Dragons – Pen and paper RPG’s such as this, and Star Frontiers is huge in my development as a gamer. D&D was the first thing that sparked my imagination. In extension the cartoon Advanced Dungeon and Dragons really impacted me as well.

4. Tron – This movie really had an impact on my young mind, as well as my love for all things computers, close second to this was the movie Wargames.

5. Choose Your Own Adventures – I LOVED to read when I was a youth, but in my younger years there were these books that just came out the were called “Choose your own adventures”  where you read the story made choices, and depending on those choices there was consequences. Thinking back it was almost like a video game in book form. Other books like the Hobbit, and others really led me down a path that destined me as a gamer.


Most Influential 15 Games

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pic_poo1 A bunch of bloggers are doing their most influential games on their life, and I for one really like this topic. The list is in chronological order, so without further delay. Here it goes…

My 15 Most Influential Games

1. Pong (1972) – When I was really young someone had a console version of this game and it blew my mind.

2. Adventure (1979) (Atari 2600)- This was my first video game for my Atari 2600…I played it for hours on end. I even found the easter egg.

3. Pitfall (1982) (Atari 2600)- I literally played this game looking for this elusive gold city that’s supposedly in it. Well it turns out there is none.

4. Pole Position (1982) (Arcade/C64)  When I drive on the expressway I still hear “Prepare to Qualify” When I got a Commodore 64, it was the first game I programmed, and saved on my old cassette recorder.

5. Bards Tale (1985) (C64) – My first real RPG, I loved this game and series so much. I bought graph paper, and mapped every square inch of the dungeons in the game.

6. Pool of Radiance (1988)(C64) – This brought to life several things for me. The Forgotten Realms a setting I adored within Dungeons and Dragons world, and better graphics and combat system that I was really yearning for.

7.  Street Fighter 2 (1991)(Arcade) – The battles I had in my local bowling alley arcade were epic, the only player who had the same level of expertise as me became a good friend, he moved away and I still miss him.

8. Mortal Kombat (1992) (Arcade) – The fighter war continued here, everyone picked the ninja’s Scorpion and Sub Zero…but I was a Raiden master. Finish Him!

9. NHL 94(1993) (Sega) –  This game me and my brother really bonded over, and this is the reason I’m not a Blackhawks fan, my brother was always the Blackhawks, and I picked the next best. The Penquins…you know how hard it is growing up in Chicago, as a Pens fan.

10 – Samurai Shodown (1993) (Arcade) – The last of the fighting games I excelled at in the arcade. I loved this game cause it fueled my love for Japanese culture, and had weapons in it.

11. Baldurs Gate (1998)(PC) – This series picked up where the Gold Box series left off. Great Story Telling, and gameplay kept me coming back time and again. The sequel Baldurs Gate 2 just built up that.

12. Aliens Versus Predator 2 (2001)(PC) – This was really the last FPS I mastered. I was even in a Clan, that competed a lot called Hell’s Legion. I was a master at the Predator. Nothing like ripping a marines head off.

13. Dark Ages of Camelot (2001)(PC) – This was my first MMO, and when I was laid off in 2002 it really cushioned the blow. The friendships I made back then are still with me today, and I still game with a lot of my guildmates from back then.

14. World of Warcraft (2004) (PC)- What can I say, 10 years later I’m still playing this game, a fourth of my life. It has been through the thick and thins of the past 10 years. I’ve made some wonderful friends, and played with some old ones in this game. A lot of memories in-game. You can’t get more influential then that.

15. Warhammer Online (2008)(PC) – This game got me more friends, but it also is where I started my video game blogging adventure. A hobby that would have the most effect of my life to date.

So that’s it…What are your most influential games?

I Hate Women

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BearBrownI am the villain in this story. I am the one who eats babies, and kicks puppies. I destroy everything in my path. I am the Lich King, Garrosh, and Hogger all rolled into one. In all good stories the bad guy is just as important as the hero of the story. I remember in my youth, when all my friends wanted to be cops, I wanted to be the robber. They were cowboys, I was an Indian. They were He-Man, I was Skeletor. I was the Decepticon to their Autobots.

Today got into a little twitter debate, a self claimed feminist claimed disgust with an achievement of looking up a girls skirt in a game. I think it was Lollipop something or rather. You play  a scantily clad girl, chainsawing things, it’s uber violent. I said that to me getting upset at this game for having that achievement, is like getting upset over porn because it had no plot. She called that disgusting, and made me a misogynist.   So now I hate women, because I feel if you are going to hate the ills of the world, you shouldn’t pick and choose. It’s wrong to look up a girls skirt without her consent…no shit…but isn’t it wrong to chop people up into little bits too? No that’s ok in their mind, and they actually defend the violence.  One feminist even went as far as to justify this train of thought…and I quote.

“The difference between replicating sexual assault/violations in video games vs. mass murder is that a) sexual assault happens every day b) mass murder victims don’t typically have to survive with what happened to them”

Murder doesn’t happen every day? Yeah murder victims don’t survive…that’s why they are uhm..dead..hence murdered. Understand what logic we’re dealing with…what we’re up against. Then when you refute their way of thinking they dismiss you as a bad guy, a hater of women, a misogynist. In their eyes I am the scum of the scum, the source of all evil, and unlike most people I revel in that.

Here’s the thing sexual assault, and rape are in and themselves violent acts, if you don’t condone these acts, then you must stand against all violence. You can’t just pick and choose, that’s like saying being shot by a gun is wrong, but knife stabbings are ok.  If your delicate sensibilities are offended by a certain aspect of something hate the whole thing. Don’t be a hypocrite, and then when someone points out your hypocrisy you dismiss them in a fit of anger.  If your passionate about something, you must be able to face your opponents and make them believe you, not dismiss them, cause honey I am not going away anytime soon.

So if you’re a women, why are you reading this, aren’t you in the kitchen suppose to be making a sammich…I got to go…I have skirts to look up.


Deck Envy

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tumblr_m2y7vh1Y9h1qclvneo1_1280So as you know, or may not know, Hearthstone is my latest addiction. I’ve been playing a bit. I noticed that the matchmaking system doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean one second I’m facing a total noob, then next match I’m facing people with major dragon card, Ragnaros, and Lord Jarraxus.

I mean I just have the basic cards pretty much, how can I face these people that are whipping out these monster cards. I started crafting a bit, perhaps I can make one of these awesome cards.

I have been playing the Arena alot, I figure it’s a better deal 150 gold, you usually get a deck of cards and some other stuff.  I think it’s more even keel too, cause you pick the cards ad hoc.  I wonder how it decides which hero to give you, is it random…or is there method to their madness.

Well here’s a helpful tool for Hearthstone. 

Here’s a sample of one of my Warlock decks.

Feel free to share your decks, so I can drool over them..

I Got A Huge Deck!

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zach_warlock-pets-loveWell it’s actually the same size as everyone’s else, 30 cards. I am really digging Hearthstone. My best deck so far is my Priest deck. It’s been rocking. Though my Shaman deck is coming along. I just built a rogue deck and it did fairly well. I played it twice, and it won both times, but it was close. I’m not liking the Druid, but that’s just more personal preference more than anything. I don’t like that shapeshift talent.

Here’s my problem, I can’t beat the damn warlocks, never they just destroy me, I can’t believe another game I’m having a problem with these dirty bastards. I’ll get them though…I’ll get them.

I was wondering those that play Hearthstone, would you like to know what I’m using deck wise. I’m going to tweak some more things test them out, make sure that these decks are true winners, then I’ll share.

Bottomline I’m really enjoying this game so far.

I Suck It, Hard!

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licking lollipopSo my Hearthstone record SUCKS.

Out of about 10 fights, I won one against a priest. So that’s cool I got a priest hero now.

I’ve been toying with decks, my first deck was low mana minion heavy to get the jump on people, like Zerging Hearthstone style. That didn’t work out to well, then I tried higher tier minion heavy, and it took too long to get anything going. My current deck is offensive spell heavy with middle tier minions, that seems to be working better but I for sure need work. Any mage deck tips, fo sho leave them for me.

I’ll be working on a priest deck tonight see if that fairs anybetter, I like one tactic another priest who I lost did. He had a middle tier minion upped it health to like 20 through magic .I was like whoa.

But I have to tell you something there is nothing like delivering two fireballs to the face for the win.

She’s probably a solid 5.

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butterSo Apple Cider Mage takes umbrage to some NPC saying how they are rating someone.  It reminds me of the seen, in She’s out of My League, where the men rate themselves.  Apple says it objectifies women. Please I see men being rated all the time in the media, I see the lists in People, Glamour,  and other magazines. Women don’t ever rate men on looks now? Men are the only ones doing this? 

No everyone of us is ranked no matter who you are, Oh we might not assign a number to it, but have no worries you do have a ranking. I remember Elaine on the show Seinfeld that a man was sponge worthy or not.  I didn’t hear anyone crying about how that is sexist. Whether it be our salary, our looks, our house, or a thousand of other things each of us are ranked, so these NPC’s are commenting on a girls looks. Would you prefer instead of numbers they used a different system?

I’m sorry but there are ranks, perhaps even classes in our society and like it or not, and it has been happening for millions of years, just because you won and stopped it in a game isn’t going to stop it from happening, and I think there’s bigger fish to fry in the World of Warcraft, like how Resilience is pretty much useless in PvP.  I just find the Feminist Regime to laughable sometimes in it’s crusades to the point where they make themselves look ridiculous.

In Conclusion, we all rank people and it’s human nature to do so because we like to order our universe into neat little packages. As for Apple, I give her a solid 5, but she might be a butter face so maybe she’s a 6. .