Weekly Lagout

Well another week in MMO land comes to an end.


 We’re not playing so much at this time, but I’ll be biting on the bit to crush some Order scum as soon as my social calender clears itself.

WoW –

We started from scratch on another server. A Pally, it’s really different playstyle from a Mage, or even a Warrior. The other toon I played for ages and tanked everything from Molten Core, to the Loot Reaver, er I mean Void Reaver.  I putting points into Ret right now, but I’m wondering should I level as Prot, I heard good things about it. We’ll see. 

On the Mage front, just in a kind of holding pattern. If I get a proto-drake from somewhere else, I’m killing every single gosh darn Oracle like I was the black plague of Oracles.

Some love –

I want to give some love to Gevlon’s new apprentice, she’s going to need some love check her out at Dalaran Gardens.

In the Future-

I want to start taking a stronger look at Star Wars: The Old Republic, as well as touch base with upcoming patching. My thoughts on MMO’s in general.

Something Funny –

The Pain Train is Coming.


With that…My Ping Sucks…I’m Outta here.

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