WoW: Copper Wars

So on the new server where I started from scratch my pally is now level 23, I have all netherweave bags, and 100g+ on me, and not all my auctions are in yet.  WoW is definately more easier then when I first started playing. I was knocking down elites the same level as me like they were butter. Well it helped alot a nice level 80 deathknight ran me through SFK got some nice uber weapons. a 2h Axe, and a one handed blue sword. The DK had some interesting gear choices, like a robe on. I was like, “Nice Gear, I thought you were a warlock, and said to myself since when can Warlocks carry huge Axes, I miss a patch or something”  He laughed and said, “I’m doing an SFK run for the achievement, wanna tag along?”  I replied, “Does a gnome love sniffing crotch? Hell yeah.”

So that helped immensely. One thing that helped on this server that the economy is completly upside down. They had stacks of copper ore for 15g, and stacks of titanium ore for 100g. On my main server stacks of titanium ore are near 300g.  So I started farming copper like no tomorrow. I loaded the AH, made quite a bit of gold. Then I noticed more copper on the AH, undercutting me. To the point where Copper ore stacks are now 5g. Here’s the funny part I was like who the heck is flooding the copper market. I look at the people selling copper it’s all my guildies. In guild I told them they were bunch of chinese farmers, one persons response. “Ni hao”

Who I’m playing with are expert WoW players who all been playing for some time. I really hope we dominate on this little server, I want to be the most hated guild there. I want Alliance to fear us, and Horde to Envy us.

2 Responses to “WoW: Copper Wars”

  1. “I want Alliance to fear us, and Horde to Envy us.”

    Aye, don’t we all have dreams like this…my view would be slightly the other way around, but still..dreams of glorious victory.

  2. theerivs Says:

    Girls dream of glorious victory too? Maybe we aren’t so different after all.

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