Aliens Versus Predator 2

Before WAR, Before WoW, Even Before DAOC…there was AvP2, or Aliens Versus Predator 2. This was the last FPS I really got into. I play FPS now, and they are all the same, shoot with the same type guns, maybe a little difference. They just seem so one dimensional. Now AvP2, man you can be an alien, climb walls. Be a Predator, and go invisible, or be a marine, and shoot, or even flamethrow things. It was a game that also had built in competition with 3 different races, each with it’s own ability.

I actually was in a clan back then, it was Hell’s Elite Legion. Man it was good time, I was on the predator squad, and we would go up against other clans, or groups for the pride of being a predator. There was nothing better then being invisible, walking up in back of a marine, and chopping off his head.  It was tons of variety, and it was different. Things that are sorely missing from FPS these days it seems.

For it’s time it was one of the greatest games out there, and I miss that type of game, wish they made more of those instead of. Ok your American, and the other guy is German, and were going to shoot each other with the same guns.

2 Responses to “Aliens Versus Predator 2”

  1. Hey.. you’ve got a lot of variation..

    american:soviet; american:vietkong; american:japanese… sooo much to choose from in fps-games 😉

    And I have to totally agree on AvP2…It is a great game

  2. shadowwar Says:

    So much true. You forgot the, you’re human, they’re alien, shoot them with sci-fi guns. No, you don’t get to play the alien, silly. If you haven’t checked out Mirror’s Edge, or Portal, play them. I know, I’m reiterating what you read on my site, but do it! Mirror’s Edge you never have to fire a gun if you don’t want to, they even have an unlock for it!

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