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Playing a Hot Female Blood Elf Made Me Gay!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on December 5, 2013 by theerivs

1376494_737436332936966_310305122_nSo there’s a fake post on a stoopid site saying that Playing Video Games makes you Homosexual.  It was an article that poked fun of stuff I guess, but it’s outrageousness reminds me of another accusation. That Video Games make you violent or a criminal.  I keep hearing these claims that we’re raising a generation of killers. I’ve been hearing these claims since Doom came out for the PC. If it was true there would be a bunch of violent, criminal minded nerds roaming the streets filled with blood.

The choices we make, and the situations we put ourselves in make us who we are for most part. So yeah if I start hanging out with drug addicts, yeah I might start doing drugs. If I hang out with nerds, we’re not going to have a depraved orgy, filled with violence and debauchery. We’re going to have something far worse, a LAN party.

While playing Quake, I never turned to someone and said, “I’m going to take a rocket launcher and do this for realz”

Instead of finding scapegoats, let’s find the core problem with our kids namely shitty parenting….then again here I am dressed as a woman…so maybe video games did make me gay.

Sins of My Father

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pilgrimI decided to put together a series of posts about how Feminist claims about gaming are becoming a little bit over the top. I won’t hit you with a deluge of opinions, and that’s what these posts will be. I’ll trickle them out one or two a week. The main focus of this blog is always, and shall be about the games, and gaming. Since though Feminists keep attacking an institution that I love, I feel the need to stand up and say, “Hey we are not the enemy, and we’re trying to do our best” , also in MMO’s you can be any gender you want, so I enjoy looking at traditional gender roles, and how they play out in the MMO community.

Let’s begin shall we.

History –

Feminists love to bring up the years of oppression they had to endure under the yoke of a male-dominated society. Yes they had is rough at times, and I feel sorry for that. Does that mean I must pay the price of what my ancestors did, am I a villain if my great-great-grandfather beat his wife with a switch when she did something bad. Feminists love to bring up history, but you know what, how am I to blame? In the here and now I try my best to afford all women the rights they deserve, I treat EVERYONE equally…with loathing, and disrespect. Just kidding, but why do I have to pay for the sins, and crimes someone else did, and why should I feel guilty about it?

For Men, By Men –

Let’s talk about gaming. In the beginning men made video games, and they made them for other men. It was rare indeed I saw a girl in the arcade of my youth. So we have a product that catered to men, and what men like. Now of course women are free to play all the video games they wanted, but the majority of the consumer base was men. Let’s take a product catering to women, makeup. Makeup is made for women, and marketed for women. Sure men could use makeup, and some do, but the product focuses on women. I don’t see men doing Revlon commercials, does that make the makeup industry sexist?  Unlike the make up industry the video gaming media is changing, we have more, and more female heroes, and even gay/lesbian heroes, but let’s be honest most players are still male. So why should a business, who is out to make money cater to the minority of it’s consumers?  Until I see Ryan Gosling in a Maybelline commercial with the byline, “Maybe it’s him, or Maybe it Maybelline” then I’ll find suspect in products marketed to certain genders.

Next week I’ll be talking about Male tropes in video games, or how we’re not all muscle bound heroes.

Why I don’t run a Porn Site

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5 reasons I blog about Video Games, instead of running a Porn Site.

5. I spend hours playing Video Games, I just watch enough Porn to get the job done about 4 mins. 

4. When you play with 25 other people in Games it’s a Raid, in Porn it’s a Gangbang. The clean up is easier with a Raid.   

3. If you get a Disease, all you need is a Healer to Cleanse you in a game.

2. Though I would probably making money hand, and fist I would be spending a fortune on pajama robes, and sheets.

1. Porn Sites actually take work.

Video games are art…. no, for real they are.

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Just a little tidbit post today.

The Smithsonian is conducting a survey of video games spanning 20 gaming systems, five eras and four genres. 

Get over there and perform your civic duty.  Possibly by voting for Call of Duty? 

I would give you some more information, but the work internet filter tends to block out anything with games in the title.  I’ll just have to take the survey and not get paid for it.  *sigh*

The actual exhibit will run from March 16th – September 30th, 2011 and you have until April 7, 2011 to cast your votes.

Can Video Games Teach us to be better people.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on January 13, 2010 by theerivs

Time had an article which Alysa Milano shared via Twitter, asking, “Can Video Games Save the World”. It was an interesting read, but I don’t know if they can save the world. It was said the masses are ignorant, as you notice about the rant’s and rave’s  across the blogosphere about the idiots on LFG.

All Video Games are to me is a tool. Like all tools, such as a chainsaw. It can be used for good and useful things, if the operator is trained properly, including severing a head off a mutant. Like all tools if used incorrectly, or with intentions other then what the tool is used for people end up in bad places, like the hospital.

Along with the Internet, Video Games have wonderful potential. Video Games can make learning fun, interesting, and even make it so your learning and don’t even realize your learning. 

Personally I think Video Games, especially MMO’s has helped me deal with a bunch of different personalities, and helped me expand my way of thinking, perspective is life. You change your perspective, you can change your life.  Am I a better person for my involvment in MMO’s, I am. Has it the potential to change lives, definately. Can Video Games save the world?  I don’t think so. I think we the human race have alot of work to do, so much that one mere thing doesn’t have the power to do that.