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When you talk about my Geek Lore, or the chops I put in as a Nerd. There is one starting point, and that is the Commodore 64.  This is where it all started.

My first computer where my first video game was played by loading Pole Position, and Zork by cassette tape. OH MY GOD that was the most horrible thing ever. I then got the disk drive, and a whole new world was opened to me.

I played games like Bard’s Tale, Ultima, and Might and Magic, titles to this day when uttered evoke great memories, from not only me but other gamers.  I remember staying up late in the night with my Bards Tale group, making maps on graph paper, and writing down clues and riddles.  Then came the Dungeons and Dragons Gold Box series, starting with the Pool of Radiance. Holy crap this was a great game, I can’t tell you how many hours I played this game.  I would be remiss without mentioning Defender of the Crown. Jousting simulater, and wenches.

Then I got a modem, and was exposed to things like chat rooms, BBS’s, and MUD’s. My mom flipped when she saw the first phone bill.  I find it odd that we are still doing the same thing back then as we are now. Chatting just with programs like Tweet, Forums instead of BBS’s, and MMO’s instead of MUD’s.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, but one thing is for sure if it wasn’t for the C64, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’d probably be a garbage man or something.


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Todays homage to Geekdom is He-Man and the Master of the Universe. Growing up I loved the muscular looking men, who should of been oiled up, and ready to fight…Meh…Teela was ok too.  As far as toys were though, that Castle was the mother fucking BOMB!

What really blew things up was the Cartoon, man I loved that Cartoon, with Orko. Evilyn, and the rest of the crew.

Then that horrendous movie came out, set back the series so far into oblivion, it was sad.

In Hindsight, it was all just a tad Homoerotic….but I didn’t care back then…There’s even a homage in World of Warcraft, in Shattrah…By the Power of Greyskull!!


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When I was growing up there was one cartoon I thirsted more than the other. Sure I loved all the Tom and Jerry’s, and Woody Woodpecker cartoons, but this was like my Dallas of Cartoons. The Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon was one of my favorites.  I won’t go into my love for Dungeons and Dragons here, but I fell in love with it at an early age, and here was a cartoon based on it. Awesome

I think my favorite episode was when there was a  mage named Kelric that rode on top of a wolf, and stole Unicorn horns. In fact I love Kelric so much, that’s why I play mages alot in my games. Evil Wizards just plain rock.

After all these years I hope someone would remake, or bring back this franchise I really enjoyed it though Venger was cool, they should remake him without the dress…just saying.



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There’s a little show from England in which I love, and if you are into computers, and a geek you should love this show as well. It’s called THE IT CROWD. It stars Chris O’Dawd which is now becoming quite famous in the statest thanks to the movie Bridesmaids. Richard Ayode, and a sundry list of other great english comedians.

It’s just a great show poking fun at things like users, life, relationships.

Some of my favorite parts isn’t even about computers, there’s a scene about how Roy, (Chris’s Character) was trying to hook up with a model, turns out she was in a bad accident, then he was put off by her…in the end finds out she has all these console games, and he’s try’s to hook up with her again, and she blows him off.

Just a brilliant show, but don’t take my word for it check out this Anti Piracy Ad by them. 

Here’s the best thing, if you have Netflix, you can stream all the seasons, they are all on there.