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NBI Sucks

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , on May 31, 2012 by theerivs

NBI Sucks, and I for one happy it is over.  People all over the blogosphere are claiming it a success, as for me I’m glad it’s over.

Why NBI Failed

1. All These New Awesome Blogs – All these great new writers, and their new fresh blogs.

2. Great Advice –  All these sponsors piped in with their great advice, I haven’t gotten to half of them yet.

3. My Blogroll is Huge – I have to go through and add all these new blogs to my blog roll. I use to be made fun of back in the day on how huge my blogroll is, well this isn’t going to help.

4. Hemorrhoids -All these leads to one thing..see  I do most of my reading on the toilet, all this extra reading will result in me buying Preparation H. I’m sending the bill to Syp.

Of course I mean this all in good fun, I really am mildly shocked how well things turned out, but now comes the real task I hope you new bloggers stick around, and write some great stuff. Cause if i add you to my blogroll, and next month I have to take you off…I will be PISSED.

Check out all the new blogs, and sponsor advice links on Syp’s post…cause I’m real lazy to link all that stuff.