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Walk Softly, And Carry A Big Gun

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on June 19, 2013 by theerivs

startrek_chickSo I’ve been using my new Klingon ship, and it just doesn’t seem to have the Oomph my Bird of Prey had. I think it’s the Plasma Cannons I had on my Bird of Prey, that ripped up my enemies. Now I have to say I enjoy the better firing arcs of the lasers, and I can keep them going by turning my ships constantly, but nothing is more satisfying as a Klingon warrior then come at my enemy straight on with guns blazing. I’ll have to switch those out when I have a chance.

Otherwise I just enjoy ripping Federation Peta’Qs new holes…in their hulls of course, well that and those cowards in the House of Torg.



My First STO Asshats

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 10, 2010 by theerivs

Well I’m proud to say I met my first Star Trek Online Asshats last night. So when you do a mission, and enter a planetary system, you might be tossed in together with other people. Which is cool. You meet other people that way, and reinforce the MMO concept, which by the way STO needs as much help in that area. STO right now feels more like a single player game, with co-op…but Space Combat is the bomb…Gee.

Anywho back to the tale at hand. I’m suppose to patrol and kill 5 patrols of Klingons. Now the more players in your group, the tougher the enemies, and more of them too. So I need these guys to help me. First patrol we mop up. Second patrol and afterwards they are flying all around. One ends up so far away I was like….how the heck he even get that far from me. Several times I had to tell them the enemy was by me, and one time I took on a patrol by myself, and got destroyed…literally.

So it looks like it doesn’t matter if your fighting dragons, or fighting bloodthirsty aliens…stupidity has no boundaries.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on February 2, 2010 by theerivs

You’d think since I love that Public Enemy song, I would actually follow its advice.

When Warhammer Online came out, I loved the IP (Intellectual Property) so much I turned a blind eye to any problems to the game, and I still do in some sense. I want it to succeed so bad, I think I tossed more money then I should at it. Is it a bad game? No…Does the game have faults…sure it does. Most MMO’s do, and even WoW does…*SHOCK* The Problems WoW has though has been ironed out in the 5 years it’s been out. When I first logged into WoW, I got queues, and server disconnects, Lag in IF so bad it was like a slide show. So even though time clouds our memories, I remember the bad times, and they still continue. I now have DSL, and WoW blows up my modem when I log into Dalaran. I mean WTF! ..Really?

Let me get to my point…Cryptic, and Star Trek Online. I was blinded by the IP, Star Trek I allowed myself to fall into the hype, especially after the Klingon PvP trailer. Three Klingon Birds of Prey swooping in for the kill…yeah I got a boner. After Cryptic did it’s shady business with Champions Online. They offered lifetime subs, and then said they ran out of them even after people already ordered it, if I remember correctly. Whatever the case it was shady business. Now the day of Star Trek Online opening they pull out of their arse, a Microtransaction store where you can buy races, that give you…that’s right bonus abilities…I am hating Cryptic so much right now…it’s not even funny.

Here’s the problem I love the IP, I like the game actually. The space part is awesome, but is that enough for me to play this game, to be an active part of this game? The only part of this game that I would enjoy is the PvP, but the Klingons aren’t fleshed out.  There are still alot of questions I have about this game, and will I be investing my time into this game.

I have a Collectors Edition waiting for me at Gamestop on my way home, and I am seriously debating just leaving it there.

Star Trek Online : Second Impression

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 20, 2010 by theerivs

Well I delved deeper into STO – Here are some of my thoughts.

– The quests some of them could use a little more info. Like there was a quest to find someone…how bout telling me WHERE?

– The starting missions were umm kinda rough. I had to face like 18 ships in a row. Um I’m by myself. Need help here, I would dumb it down a tosh, or maybe detect how many ships are in the zone.

-I am seeing everyone on my minimap that is in the zone, I hope theres a way to configure that so I only need to see what I want to see.

-Leveling to 6 is gonna be rough. I want my Klingons now.

Next report is going to be on Klingons, if I could only log on to play and actually get to that level.  

Remember though, it’s only a beta.

Steam vs Gamestop

Posted in MMORPG, Other Nerdy Pursuits with tags , , , , on January 4, 2010 by theerivs

So I have been a slave for slow internet the last week or so, so I’ve been unable to raid. Though I do check into WoW to do maintenance stuff.  I cracked my Egg, and Lo and Behold I got my Green Protodrake. Frick yeah, no more Mysterious Egg bull crap; That was a nice New Years Surprise.

Having slow internet I thought I would check out some RPG’s this weekend. So I thought I would visit Steam, I haven’t checked it out in some time. I was thouroghly impressed. Alot of titles, classics too for reasonable prices. Some prices and out and out steal. Like Bioshock, and Torchlight for 4.99.  That’s almost as much as renting a movie.  I decided though on The Witcher. I heard good things about it. I thought I would give it a shot, and for 13 bucks really how can you lose. How is it? I don’t know. My internet is so slow, after 20 hours of downloading roughly I’m only at 35%.

If you have faster internet then me, I can see the appeal with Steam, and the threat that Steam can be to brick and morter stores. Like Gamestop.

Alas it was so slow, and my weekend was moving fast. I decided to bite the bullet go to Gamestop pick up Dragon’s Age: Origins. I also preordered the Star Trek Online:Collectors Edition.  Ok Gamestop didn’t have the Preorder codes. I got some time. I’ll check later this week. So later that evening, I hunker down for some RPG action. I open the box…No Disc. I was like…are you serious. Really? I called Gamestop, they had my disc, and aplogized. I could of blown my top, but I was cool .

Sunday I got my disc early, loaded it up. Then I was blown away, I think I played 8 hours yesterday, and I was hungry for more. Those people at Bioware really know their RPG’s. The Story was compelling. The graphics even on my crappy graphics card was good. Action was challenging. If this skill Bioware has with RPG’s translates to MMO’s, Man WoW better be careful.

Bottomline, Steam isn’t perfect by any means, and we know Gamestop can suck ass. Still maybe I’m old school. I just like having disc in hand, a box, and a manual. This harkens from the day of first getting a game, and just reading through the lore, and fun stuff in the manual. Though if I was Gamestop I would be shaking in my boots over Steam.

Oh yeah, and Morrigan is a hottie. LOL!

STO: The Klingon Academy

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Yeah I’m getting to hyped up, and I was a little bored. Tell me what you think.

The Klingon Academy 

STO: By the Blood Of Kahless!

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Ok now I’m getting hyped….