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Days of Yore

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 25, 2012 by theerivs

Me and my old friends/guildies been talking about the good ole days of DAOC with it’s  PvP, or Realm vs. Realm, and how awesomely fun it was. That no other game has captured that fun gameplay since.

Perhaps I am a Relic like those we use to get up and raid for at 4am on a Sunday, perhaps those days are long gone .

What I Liked About DAOC Realm vs. Realm (PvP)

1. Strategy – There seemed to be a little more strategy, like where to attack, and how we are going to go about attacking, then just Rock, Paper Scissors of WoW PvP.

2. Threesome – There were two other enemies, not just one sided. It kept things more interesting. I wish maybe SWTOR had a 3 faction system…guess they have failed me yet again.

3. Instilled Faction Pride – There was more pride in faction, and guild in those days made thing worth while. Was it a circle, we did better because we we’re a part of something, doing better created pride, the pride led us on to being better.

4. Climbing Walls – I had an Infiltrator, and I climbed walls, ganked someone, and ran the hell away. It was pure awesome as a stealth class.

5. Darkness Falls – The best dungeon ever, when another realm took it over, it was great fun waiting for the groups of Mids, or Hibs to come and clear you out, even better fun when you cleared them out.

I really don’t think those days are gone, I just think all the companies think we all want the quick fix, or easy path. I don’t think thats true. I just think they need to figure out how to implement these kind of things into MMOs without scaring away the bastardo FPS wanna-be kiddies.