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Loot the Dogs

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on April 16, 2014 by theerivs

jaina-proudmooreIf you were a Molten Core raider, and you didn’t hear this screamed over your headset, you were missing out I think. As a former raider back in the Vanilla/BC/Wrath days I kind of fell out of the loop. Since my PvP clan has gone to greener pastures mainly ESO, I thought to try to pick up raiding again. Luckily I won Kurn’s Guide to Raiding. I won by posting my first purple the Axe of the Deep Woods, which my friend and Guild Leader gave my Orc Tanking Warrior back in the day…like way way back in the day.  I thought one good turn deserves another, so let me tell you a bit about the guide.

This isn’t really a review, reviewing the great writing Kurn does would be like a caveman teaching a physics class. The writing is top notch. It kept my interest with not only tips, and pointers but Kurn shared stories of her raiding days which made it that much more interesting. That brings the guide home, Kurn wasn’t perfect but it’s that striving for perfection that made her a great raider, and guild leader. She’s not afraid to shy away from her failures, but those failures we’re the key to her success.

True there was some bits where I thought it was common sense, but then I thought back to my days of raiding hardcore, and say to myself some raiders may need a dose of common sense. Also it isn’t laden with specs, and stats and with WoD coming out it shouldn’t be about that, but Kurn gives great places on to where to look for these things, some I have heard about, some I haven’t.

I thought the guide itself was great, and if your serious about raiding, or leading a guild I urge to check her out at http;//

Tell her Riv sent you!

I want a 40 man raid

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on September 14, 2011 by theerivs

I think that when 40 man raids were around this was thee golden era of WoW.  Why?

1. Bigger Guilds – To field such raids you needed alot of raiders.

2. Better Raid Leaders – The Raid Leaders back in these days were of epic proportion. They kept 40 personalities in check.

3. Better Stories – Just seemed like I had better stories from way back when. Like once in BWL we had a drunk healing pally pull some Drakonoids screaming…”Go Team Go!”..Leeroy Jenkins style, or when a mage got my loot by mistake, and waited to D/E it live in person a year later…that doesn’t seem to happen these days.  

4. Better Class Competition, and Cohesion – When you have 4-5 mages going at it, and competing with each other it was more fun. We had our own channel we would make fun of the Warlocks. These days I’m probably the only mage in a raid.

5. Better Skilled Players – Everything was harder to come by, thus harder to earn. This led to better players.

6. Better Community – Smaller guilds when you needed people you would have to work together with another guild, or guildless people that needed gear.

So these are just some of the reason I thought when there were 40-mans it was a better time in MMO’s, perhaps I’m just getting old.

Only Thing I Raid Is the Fridge

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 23, 2011 by theerivs

Fuzz asked me if I ever was going to raid. He knew I was working on it at one time, and he was curious about my status. Let me give you a bit of history about me and raiding.

I started raiding Molten Core, we would put in 4-5 days a week in, then we moved onto Blackwing Lair, then to AQ 40 when Burning Crusade hit, we did everything except Black Temple. Wrath came about it found me with new friends, and new guilds I ended up raiding with the Brotherhood of Oblivion. That was the end of my raiding days.

Every day I waffle back and forth if I want to get serious about raiding, but there’s several reasons why I don’t

1. Man of My Word – I loathe when I sign up for a Raid, and something comes down the pike and I can’t make it. I would rather not sign up.

2. Time –  It seems like I don’t have enough these days.  Everything has been sucking out my gaming time from work, to girls, and I don’t know about you but Vagina > Raids any day of the week.

3.  Gear Grind – I get going, then for some reason I get frustrated, and putter out. Must be the ADD kicking in.

4. PvP type person – I enjoy PvEing with guildies alot, but it’s just I enjoy ripping faces off, and making people QQ more. 

5. Raid equals More Drama – No one bothers me when I’m just PvPing casually. Seems like when I use to Raid there was a drama of the week, over some shitty reason.

6. If the Guild needs me – If they need me, I’ll rise to the occasion…if not I won’t be putting in my usual stellar effort. Just keep on…keeping on.

7. SWTOR – How committed do I want to get, when a game I know I’ll be leaving for is on the horizon.

8. Lazy – I just am, can’t help it I got teleports

Friendship at what cost?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on November 19, 2010 by theerivs

“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” ~ DeNiro in the Movie Heat.

KissmyAlas wrote an interesting post, that had me thinking about my own friendships. I don’t think of my friends as online, or offline. I will tell you this all my friends add to my life. I don’t keep friends around if all they do is complain, make demands of my time, or that keep me from my goals.

That’s the thing what are your goals?

My goals is just relax, have some fun, and mess around with people. If they need me to go kill something then I’m going to do my best that I can.

What are your goals? To see content? to progress? Then yes your friends could be keeping you from your goals. Then it’s time to find greener pastures because if your friends are keeping you from your goals, you will learn to hate them.

I walked away from my main server Garona, because I felt I grew apart from them. Not that they weren’t good friends still, it’s just I wanted something more, and that something was to be a part of a guild filled with bloggers on Azgalor. Though that didn’t work out, I still miss my friends, but have never looked back. I met some wonderful people, and made new friends.

Being the Lawful Evil being that I am it’s true, I took the alignment test. Though I have a code of ethics and rules I try to adhere to, if you cross me we won’t be friends for long…

Now gather round, I’m the new fool in town…

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on May 27, 2010 by Bee

 Hiya! *waves*

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Bee. I’m very excited to be doing weekly posts for High Latency Life. I want to give a little background information on myself so you’ll know where these opinions and ramblings are coming from.  So here you go. Sort of a FAQ of Bee. In no particular order…

  • I’ve played WOW since April of 2009. It’s typically the only gaming I do.  Well, unless you count Chuzzle.
  • My main is a Discipline Priest.
  • She’s been 80 for about 6 months.  
  • Horde FTW.
  • The first character I ever leveled was a hunter who now, at 76, idles in the Sunreaver Sanctuary.
  • The moment I began playing Battlegrounds with my priest (around level 17) I knew she’d be my main. 
  • PVP is what I love, battlegrounds most specifically.  I’ve been working on gearing up and attempting to get better at arena play.  I just can’t figure out how to pillar hump and mana burn at the same time.  I end up not doing either one very efficiently.
  • After hitting 80 I joined an amazing guild that has made the game much more fun to me.  I’ve actually gotten involved with raiding, which is not something I saw happening for this PVP-oriented player. 
  • The third time I ever healed an instance it was heroic Forge of Souls.  In blue PVP gear.  It did not go so well.
  • My guild and I have successfully cleared 10/12 normal ICC 10 and 6/12 normal ICC 25. 
  • I’m a girl in real life. With boobs and everything.
  • I’m 29 years old.
  • My dad and younger brother have always been a big video game/comic book/action figure fans/gamers so I believe that is where my interest in gaming has sprung from.  The first RPG I ever played was Ultima Underworld. I’ve also played quite a few of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. 
  • I graduated from college in 2003 with a B.S. in Business Administration/Human Resource Management.  While there I served as president of my sorority. 
  • I am currently employed as a banker for a national bank in the US.

Any other things you wanna know?  Just ask!

And because it just happened and I want to bring it up…

Earlier this week, myself and a few guildies decided it to PUG a 25 man ICC.  The elusive “last-minute Monday night run”.  Needless to say, it was not the crème de la crème of WOW elite. We wiped on trash TWICE because some hunter had his pet on aggressive. I can see that happening once, we all make mistakes – but twice?? Seriously???

Anyways, we eventually were able to clear through Saurfang.  It was by no means smooth sailing. But I am a total whore for my priest marks.  I need these babies like I need way more answers then the LOST series finale provided.

The only other reason I put myself through a painful 25 man PUG is because I want my own personal Frozen Bonespike.  That way I can bonespike myself whenever I want. Oh, and it’s also my best in slot.

Dildo jokes aside.  For the second time in my history of running 25man The Bonespike dropped.  And for the second time in my history of running 25man I was out-rolled by a mage – This time, a mage without a single gem in his equipped gear. Empty gem slots just sitting there, waiting to be filled with juicy haste and spell power…. *guh*

Yeah, I really need to get bonespiked.

Importance of Being a Team Player

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on May 11, 2010 by theerivs

I think in MMO’s one can solo things forever, but if you truly want to succeed in the game, and see all that it has to offer your going to have to become part of a group, whether it’s a pick up group, a regular group, or even a guild.  I think in this ever-changing MMO enviroment, and with things like LFG tool,  that there has been something lost somewhere, that’s why we are seeing alot of shitty PUGs, and alot of bad players around. I think we forgot what it meant to work as a team, that even though we don’t know each other we have each others best interest at heart. Make no mistake this isn’t carebearism, it’s the idea of helping others, also helps each other. Sure it smacks of socialism, but hey so did Star Trek.  

Some things we have forgotten along the way…

Manners – It is said manners is the glue of society. When you don’t have these how can you expect anyone else to treat you right, please, and thank you go a long way.

The Needs of the Many, Outweigh the Needs of the Few..or the One –  This saying was made famous by Mr. Spock in Star Trek, but it’s true. There are many times I gave away a piece because it was a small upgrade for me, but a huge upgrade for someone else. Why? Brings me to my next point.

When the Team does well, so do you – If your team that your on, becomes better you rise with them as a team. Many times I worked through a lot of dungeons with a group of people, then when you finally defeat that last boss, you know how to do it, it becomes easier, and easier.

Sacrifice – Sometimes for the betterment of the team sacrifices must be made, whether they are gold, time, or even saying to the rest of the team, hey we got eight mages, I’ll step down, let another dps that might come in handy in a certain fight go.

Strive for Excellence – Always try to improve yourself whether it’s a gem here, or piece of gear there. Not only that always be looking at ways you can improve maybe your Rotation, or just ways you can tweak your own playstyle. Like in PvP not get to far from the healers.

Being Anonymous doesn’t allow you to be an Asshole. – So many of us figure, hey they’ll never know who I really am. While that may be true. It’s still better not to be an asshole. Sure I am an asshole at times, but I am led to be an asshole by certain situations. If your treated with respect and niceness, give it back. If your being an asshole for no reason at all. SHAME ON YOU!

Use Fucking Common Sense.  – Nuff’ said.

Raiders of The Lost Ark

Posted in MMORPG with tags on May 4, 2010 by theerivs

“Asps…very bad…you go first”

When I joined my guild on horde side it was to get to know some people, and mainly socialize a bit. They were up front with me, and I was up front with them. They said they had a lot of mages, and my chance of raiding would be slim. I said that’s good cause I was tired of raiding in general.

So last night for shits and giggles, and for the fact they were having a hard time getting raider.  I signed up for a raid.  It was a progression raid, and they were working on Professor Putricide. I was really impressed at the dedication to learning the mechanics of the fight, and trying to get the rhythm of the fight down. Even though we only got him down to 55% on our last run, and we were down 1 or 2 people, I was kind of stunned at the professionalism of how they go around learning a new fight.

Usually with most guilds i ran with you get 40 minutes of silence usually officers discussing strats, then the raid leader saying this is what we’re going to do. Usually we try it a few times, then if you fail you quit.

Each attempt these guys were positive, kept trying to improve. Made comments, not in an assholish way, but in a positive manner. “What if we try this.” or “I noticed we weren’t doing this, is this something we could improve.”  Instead of the usual, “DPS is sucking, we need to suck less”

Also there was joke cracking the whole time, use to being all down and depressed when the guild failed, not these guys.

I was quite pleased with my choice of guilds, and glad they let me join in. I hope we can bring down Putricide next week.

I’m not a Doctor, but I play one in WoW

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“Hey Honey, I’m not a doctor, but I’ll take a look. Ah I see the problem. Searing Totem burn. ” ~ Frostscourge the Mage

So last night I was going to pop in do some minor stuff, and watch Inglorious Bastard with Brad Pitt. I’m not gay, but he’s damn shexy. Anywho I get an invite slammed in my face, after the fail of earlier in the week last person I want to see in Marrowgar.  I’m a team player though, and I can watch the movie anytime. So I head in.  Kotex the Absorbant Druid said to me cheer up there is an awesome belt that drops. I’m like “Yeah right, do you know my luck with gear.”  So the fight itself went better then earlier in the week, we had a rough start. I told them in the beginning I was only going to give it 3 shots. So first two were wipes. One officer mentioned lack of DPS, My hairs rose on this comment. I even spoke up,  “I had to move alot that fight, moving dps means little dps for me.”  What I really wanted to say isn’t safe for work, home, or 13 states.

Third time was the charm, everyone was hitting on all cylinders.  Well it turns out I’m the only mage in the group. The Belt does drop.

The Cord of the Pratronizing Practitioner

That might be a little hard to say drunk. Unto Lady Deathwhisper. Kotex the Absorbant. Said a good Offhand drops from her. I’m like yeah right….two awesome items in one night. Whatever. I really don’t know all thats going on in this fight, cause I was the one who got to open a can of whoop ass on her with all my Arcane Goodness.  It was HOT!  This put me in the best mood ever. Just unleashing my magely fury to get her shield down. We wiped once, we were a little slow. Second time we knocked it out of the park, and I got unleash the fury some more. Loved every minute of that.  Hey guess what I got this..

Scourgelords Baton.

Kotex the Absorbant asked, “You happy now?”  My answer, ” A little” 

We went on to get the Skybreaker event down, after a wipe. Then it was time to call it on Saurfang. After everyone left, I started the script. It was the furthest I went in. I wanted to see it. I also hit Friendly with Ashen Verdict, and I got a really hot ring.

So over all a great night, 3 great items….and the ironic thing is I really didn’t want to go.  Oh yea any of you girls got a problem need me to look at, let me know.

WoW: So you want to be a Raider?

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 18, 2009 by theerivs

I’ve been thinking about Raiding seriously again. Why? Well not for the loot, for the camaraderie that comes from fighting a foe and overcoming him. I miss the teamwork, a well oiled machine of a guild hitting on pistons. I was thinking to I still have what it takes to be a Hardcore Raider still, and where in the future of WoW is the Hardcore Raider.  Mind you, it has been awhile since I raided hardcore, I mean I lived in Blackwing Lair, and Molten Core before Burning Crusade came out.  Do I still have what it takes? I know some of you look at another persons gear in a raiding guild and go, holy poop wish I had that stuff.  Well you want the pretty Professor Plums, you need to work, and dedicate yourself. Here’s a list of things I feel I need to be a successful Raider, and in my opinion these are things every Raider needs. 

1. Time – Back in the day I spent 5 out of the 7 days raiding, now it seems like most guilds do it 3 or 4 days. Still a lofty commitment. Lets say you Raid 3 days, from 7pm to 11pm, that’s 12 hours of raiding a week, heck that’s almost a part time job.  You also need Time to grind out gold, for supplies (pots, food, repairs, etc). Lot easier these days with Dailies, Heck I remember farming Tyr’s hand for hours cause it dropped good coin.

2. Patience – When your dealing with 24 other people, your going to have issues arise, things happen, and sometimes crap just hits the proverbial fan. Your going to need alot of patience sometimes. I remember when we were first attempting Razorgore in BWL, to get everyone on the same page at the start of the run, took time. I remember just sitting there reading a magazine waiting for the raid leader giving the ready command.

3. Gold – Your going to need it, as I said earlier your going to need the time to farm it. Also work those trades, whether it be mining, or making cloth. Gold is the lifeblood of the Raider. You need it not only for supplies such as Flasks, and Buff Food. You need it for Gems, and Enchants.

4. Be prepared – MAKE SURE YOU GET REAGENTS BEFORE THE RAID!  If you don’t I will scream at you myself. Raids are scheduled things, so you KNOW when their going to happen. Hell do it the night before if you have to. Also have your equipment gemmed right, and enchanted right.  We all understand if you don’t have enough gold to buy the best, but try to buy the best you can afford.  Have your pots, have your food ready as well.

5. Teamwork – In a Raid we all have our part to play. The best Raiders, take direction well, and can follow commands.  If your supposed to be at spot A, and then at Phase 2 your supposed to be at Spot B.  Well for crying out loud you better be there, because if you screw up your letting 24 other people down.

6. Know your role – You don’t have to be the biggest theorycrafter in the world, but if you know For example, Frost Mage Spec isn’t good for raids, then don’t do it. You might say, well I like raiding as Frost, hey I’m sure pitchers would like to pitch in a lazyboy recliner. For the Team sacrifices must be made.  The great thing now is there is dual spec, so stay frost for your putzing about, but damn it when were facing Hodir I better see flame shooting out your arse.

7. Last but never least, Have some fun. Joke around. Never take yourself or others too seriously. Some Raiders do, It’s just a game. Your going to die, and fail alot. Some days you bite the bear, and others the bear bites you. So have a good attitude, and enjoy the company of your teammates.

If you can think of anything else that makes a good Raider feel free to add to my little list.