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Good News Everyone!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on November 10, 2010 by theerivs

“Good News Everyone” One of Prof. Putricides lines, but I saw a clip of Futurama, and the Doctor says it, probably where they got it from. Which makes it all that much cooler. I also noticed he says 2 Oozes, 1Room which I never noticed before.

Race Changes will be available for Worgen/Goblin at Cataclysm. So we can start working on those toons then change the race, which is cool cause I wanted a goblin warlock, now I can just race change the one I’m working on. Which is quite nice, but still want to do my warrior from scratch.

Also Latency Lowlifes got a newest member, Krybaby welcome. On the Weekly Lagout, I’ll be welcoming our new members, but since he’s the first one he gets special treatment, plus he use to read my other blog Way of the Chosen, so that makes him alright in my book. So come on down and join, and we’ll have some fun.  Hit me up on my toons, Rivon, or on Rivzon, or Rivvon, or anyone who is in the Lowlifes can invite, so just ask anyone who is on.