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Study The Past If You Would Define The Future

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG with tags , , , on April 30, 2014 by theerivs

Kelly-kapowski“Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius

My friend Scarybooster has started a new podcast, and I absolutely love the idea. Not too long ago me and few other bloggers posted Our 15 most influential games , and I loved going through my past, and seeing other peoples past. This podcast is almost of an extension of that, and I’m excited to see this. So keep tabs on this podcast, and who know soon you might hear the pretty tones of my voice, like heaven itself opening up and uttering it’s song. Scary’s an awesomely funny guy, so do yourself a favor check him out.

I won’t go over my video game past much more, got to hold something back…but I wanted to give you another nugget.

Top 5 things that influenced me as a video gamer, that weren’t video games.

1. Board Games – My very first multiplayer experience wasn’t WoW it was Chutes and Ladders. I loved all board games from Sorry, Risk, Stratego, Chess, Checkers, etc.. It instilled in me the love of gaming.

2. Poker – My grandma taught me how to play poker at a very young age, and this combined with board games spurred my love of competition, and gaming.

3. Dungeons and Dragons – Pen and paper RPG’s such as this, and Star Frontiers is huge in my development as a gamer. D&D was the first thing that sparked my imagination. In extension the cartoon Advanced Dungeon and Dragons really impacted me as well.

4. Tron – This movie really had an impact on my young mind, as well as my love for all things computers, close second to this was the movie Wargames.

5. Choose Your Own Adventures – I LOVED to read when I was a youth, but in my younger years there were these books that just came out the were called “Choose your own adventures”  where you read the story made choices, and depending on those choices there was consequences. Thinking back it was almost like a video game in book form. Other books like the Hobbit, and others really led me down a path that destined me as a gamer.


The Donkey’s come out an play

Posted in MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on August 9, 2010 by theerivs

Multiplaying asked me an Scary do a podcast with them. It was a fun time, and great experience. I haven’t listened to the final product yet, but when I was doing it, I was a little nervouse. I had performance issues, even though I was drinking whiskey while I was doing it, I don’t think it was anything wrong with my hardware. Just like a first date, you wonder what kind of panties the girl has on, are they sexy, or slutty, color? black, o red…but I digress I can literally talk about panties for days.

Well when we were all done it felt like I needed a cigarette, I enjoyed myself so much.  It really got the juices flowing at to going to the next step and getting some recording software…oh yeah and some time…my shortest resource these days.

Here it is….

Check it out