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Let Me Tell You A Story

Posted in Gaming with tags , , , on May 29, 2014 by theerivs

Smoke01This is a story from the archives that I wanted to get down for myself, more than anything. I’ve been thinking about this person a lot lately and I don’t know why.

Let us go through the mists of time, back when I was 19 and hanging out at the local bowling alley arcade where I played Street Fighter 2 like it was my second job. I was pretty much the best fighter playing that game, I would use Ken, or Blanka. Really any fighting game I was awesome at there, and I wasn’t bad with pinball either, but SF2 was my forte.

I was not the only king of the hill, there was another. His name was Greg. Me and Greg battled for supremacy all the time he favored Ryu, or Dhalsim. Our battles were legendary, people would gather to see us fight. When either me or him lost someone would step up and try to fight us, but we would crush them so bad it made the other one laugh. Some of the battles were such a workout I sometimes built a sweat like I was at a gym. We had some epic battles in Mortal Kombat as well. I was always Raiden, and he was Sub-Zero. When I exploded his head I made the same weird gesture Raiden did like I was blowing off his head.

Greg to look at was a typical stoner, long hair, listened to metal, wore a leather jacket even in 90 degree weather, and did copious amounts of drugs. After months of battling it out we became friends of a sort outside the arcade. We would hang out once in awhile. Then he disappeared, I really didn’t have a number for him. We just always met at the bowling alley. A few weeks went by, and I asked around and no one has seen him.

Then one day he shows up, his hair cut, and he was wearing…a sweater. I was like, “What the hell?”  He told me he found God, that after dropping acid one night, he thought he saw the devil, and sold his soul to the devil. He went to church the next day, and was saved.   I shit you not he told me this.   Now mind you do what you gotta do to get right with yourself, but the change was so drastic it was a shock. Ok so your a born again Christian, who cares. Let’s play a game, he told me that he was giving that up because he didn’t feel it was Godly. He tried to get me to come to church with him, but I had some very choice words for him. In retrospect I was real mean, and I always felt bad about it.  I never seen him again after that night.

I always wondered about what happened to him, and I miss those days in the arcade. The reason I bring this up though cause throughout my gaming history there has been those other players, who brought out the best gaming in me, who made me improve in my game. I’d like to thank the Greg’s of the world.  Wherever Greg is I hope he returned to gaming, and kicking someone’s ass somewhere and maybe one day I’ll see him again, and I’ll tell him sorry.

Days of Yore

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on April 25, 2012 by theerivs

Me and my old friends/guildies been talking about the good ole days of DAOC with it’s  PvP, or Realm vs. Realm, and how awesomely fun it was. That no other game has captured that fun gameplay since.

Perhaps I am a Relic like those we use to get up and raid for at 4am on a Sunday, perhaps those days are long gone .

What I Liked About DAOC Realm vs. Realm (PvP)

1. Strategy – There seemed to be a little more strategy, like where to attack, and how we are going to go about attacking, then just Rock, Paper Scissors of WoW PvP.

2. Threesome – There were two other enemies, not just one sided. It kept things more interesting. I wish maybe SWTOR had a 3 faction system…guess they have failed me yet again.

3. Instilled Faction Pride – There was more pride in faction, and guild in those days made thing worth while. Was it a circle, we did better because we we’re a part of something, doing better created pride, the pride led us on to being better.

4. Climbing Walls – I had an Infiltrator, and I climbed walls, ganked someone, and ran the hell away. It was pure awesome as a stealth class.

5. Darkness Falls – The best dungeon ever, when another realm took it over, it was great fun waiting for the groups of Mids, or Hibs to come and clear you out, even better fun when you cleared them out.

I really don’t think those days are gone, I just think all the companies think we all want the quick fix, or easy path. I don’t think thats true. I just think they need to figure out how to implement these kind of things into MMOs without scaring away the bastardo FPS wanna-be kiddies.