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The Future has Taken Root in the Past…It is Done!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on September 23, 2013 by theerivs

Excalibur-MerlinThe New Blogger Initiative has begun again, even though Syp usually is the one running the show,  some new bloggers have taken up the mantle of organizing this year.  I want to thank them in advance, as I think this is a cool endeavor and I support it any way I can.  If you ever wanted to blog, if you like writing, or if you want to take on a bigger part in your gaming community I strongly suggest blogging. It has led me to some of the best people I have ever met, and has enriched my life in so many ways.

Want more info check out….

The Newbie Blogger Int. Website. 

T.R. Red Skies 

You can reach out to me if you want, or check out the forums. 

I really look forward to some new blogs, and maybe making some new friends.


I Feel Old

Posted in Gaming, MMORPG, Writing with tags , , on May 17, 2013 by theerivs

kellylebrockweirdscience_0Sorry folks for being a few days late, and several dollars short, but last year, Syp a mentor and old school blogger started up his Newbie Blogger Initiative …I would say it was a success if even one new blog came out of it, and kept on writing.

So I seen a couple posts, it’s been a year since the NBI came about and other bloggers did a way better job covering it then I did…Hear is a few.

Casual Aggro – A great round up, and he himself is going strong

World’s End Tavern – Another great round up.

Avatars of Steel – Has a great post.

Ravalation –  Another blogger wrapping things up and going strong.

Healing the Masses – Did some wonderful work, also posting up blog posts that help bloggers.

Ancient Gaming Noob – Compiled a bunch of Data. My eyes they bleed.

MMO Melting Pot –  They even showed some love.


Check these blogs, and many more….A big Congo Rats are in order. Keep on chugging folks…but you do make me feel old. Cause we did something like this many…many moons ago…in a far away place.  Syp led us before in a movement to get new bloggers, and I was a part of it on my old blog, Way of the Chosen, back in 2009. A lot of great blogs came out of that, and are still going strong even today, that makes me proud that I had a small hand in that too.