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Cataclysm now less Cataclysmic

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 14, 2010 by theerivs

She's Cataclysmic!

What was going to rip the world of WoW asunder, and be cataclysmic might just be a little rumble and business as usual. After reading Larisa and Syp. It got me thinking as to why I play WoW, and what I am looking for in Cataclysm.

Why do I, and have I played this game for 5+ years?

1. People – I came to WoW not only because I love World of Warcraft RTS, cause I do. It’s cause alot of my old guildies from DAOC came across, and I just keep making new friends, and having fun with them.

2. Ease of Use – I can hop on, and do a Strat run in 30 minutes,a quick Wintergrasp, or even a quick random Dungeon or BG. Doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment.

3. Humor- There’s a little humor built into, and even poking fun of the kiddies, and noobs is kind of fun. Like the other day someone yelled “Looking for a 3 person mount?”  It struck as odd, but I couldn’t resist….I yelled back, “Your Mom!” Though the quests are sometimes funny, and once in awhile I come across a little easter egg, and laugh.

4. Investment – Now I invested so much into WoW, and my toon. I’m like near top of my game. I’m not the best, I know that, but I am no slouch either. I pull 5k dps with Frost…that’s mad skillz.

5. Gold – I like the AH game a bit. I like finding things to make gold on, and making it. I came to the Horde in April with 500 gold, now I’m closing in on 20k…and to me that’s pretty damn cool, but I want more. Gevlon would be proud, I enjoy earning gold, and though I’m not an inscriptionist, I still do pretty well for myself.

What do I expect from Cataclysm –

1. New and More people to do more stuff – Good thing about expansions, people take interest again. Right now my guild is scrapping for people to put together raids.

2. New places to explore – I guess I am a little bit of an explorer, I appreciate the hard work devs do to build this world, and I enjoy taking a look around, and seeing what they did. Now that I’m 80, I love roaming old, low level dungeons to look at things I missed, the little details. I run Strat daily almost, but I am always finding something new, like “oh there’s a book I can read there”

3. New chance to try something different- I am leveling a pally tank, and I just may go back to my tanking roots

4. New adventures – I’m on a newer server, with new friends…I’m looking forward in facing the new content with them.

5.  New Toys – Yeah they took away Path of the Titans, but there’s going to be some new toys to play with, especially with mages, and the time stop thing.

So yea Blizzard back tracked a bit, but I’m still looking forward to the expansion.

Defias Thugs more like Defias Knitting Circle!

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on January 18, 2010 by theerivs

So this weekend PvPing was like getting prison gang raped without the sensitivity or gentleness of normal gang rapes. It was bad. The only highlight was when me, a lowly mage, got a flag capture in Warsong Gulch.

So after crying in the corner over my lost manhood, I decided to pay a visit to Dendren, and Keredria, and Jess. I made a Warlock, named Rivon. Yeah I bring the hotness.

I noticed some major things have changed. I got a staff, I thought Warlocks got a dagger in the past.  What the hell the wolves are now diseased, and I need to get pelts instead of some yummy meat. Did Vegan’s attack Northshire? 

What the hell I don’t have to steal the book anymore to Summon Imp….and where the Demon Trainer, now he’s just some douchebag standing around doing nothing. But I loved the challenge of trying to steal that damn book.  What the hell Corruption is instant now…when did that happen? I remember I had to burn 5 talent points to make Corruption instant.

Ok Ok, calm down Riv…lets just go get some Grapes.  Oh come on, their called Harvest now, what was wrong with grapes….and wait a minute. All the Defias Thugs are Neutral now. You have to be kidding me. These hardened criminals are now all pussies.

Listen I could reach level 5-6 in 10 minutes, why did they have to make it easier, that sixth minute was rough?  Is all of WoW going through a Dumbing down phase?  I don’t know, but I was disgusted. 

Easy does not mean better in my book.

New Blizz MMO: The Most interesting thing I read today.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on August 31, 2009 by theerivs

And I read alot of porn. Paul is talking about the New Blizz MMO

“Yeah, I can’t comment against the game, the level of detail, the business model or any of that stuff. But what I could tell you is that we’re intending to create a game experience that is unlike anything that has ever been done before. Something that I think takes things far beyond what anyone has imagined and certainly anything anyone has executed. I think a lot of people love this product, WoW, and anticipate that they’ll continue to love it and continue to want to play it. When you think about another MMO, if you look at it and say, “Well, you have this game and it’s this amount of money, and you have this game and it’s this amount of money and you have this amount of time, how do those co-exist?” My feeling is, on the business side, there’s always a way to make things co-exist because you know you start looking at, “I want you to be in the Blizzard universe of games.” So you can look at it from the perspective of, “Oh maybe there are different programs where you can have access to all of the things or a certain amount of things.” You just don’t know, and we don’t either.” ~ Paul Sams.


From This Wired News Article Which is an Interview with Paul Sams COO of Blizzard.

MMO: Death of the Hardcore Raider.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , , , on August 10, 2009 by theerivs

Larissa gave her views on my little insight as to the status of Hardcore Raiders. I feel I need to expound on it farther and share my thoughts with you.  I use to be on the same page, not anymore. My motto is if you can’t beat the casuals, join ’em.

A little history lesson first. I come from Dark Ages of Camelot where we would run treehuggers, and midtards out of Darkness Falls. Where we would wake up in the we hours of the morning on a Sunday to wage war with them. It wasn’t about the loot. Sure we worked on our gear, with seals, and crafting. But the end all be all of doing these hour long activities was for realm, and guild pride. Just plain having fun with your onlne friends.

Then came World of Warcraft, we tried to world pvp, but only a handful did such activities. With the advent of the Battlegrounds, PvP died for me. It wasn’t about pride, or being the best. It was about the grind, to get more tokens, more gear. I turned my eyes towards the PvE game, at first it was fun, and exciting 35-40 people working together to face monsters. These days I played a Protection Warrior, totally turning my back to PvP. It was a great time. Well rewarded when I first gazed upon Ragnaros.

As time rolled on, and I turned to being a mage, I still was a Hardcore Raider. I would be in a dungeon 5 nights a week. At this point Molten Core/BWL was on farm. Then came AQ 20. I thought this was a novel idea, but loved AQ 40. I did not know AQ 20 was the begininning of the End for what I deem the glory days of raiding.

In comes the Burning Crusade, and the advent of the 25 man raid. With no more 40 mans, alot of the larger guilds had problems. Groups developped inside guilds. Raiding Group 1, and Raiding Group 2…or even worse. Alot of divisions were created, cliques developed in the larger 40 man raiding guilds. Then one day they started to crack, or they started to adapt.  Mine cracked. Thoughout it all the guild tag changed but I kept on raiding.

Things in WoW started to change, it wasn’t about faction pride it was all about the purple pixel. We did our job, not because it was our job, but because we wanted that reward, that loot, that badge.  I saw Greed consume guilds, and turn longtime friends into enemies.  I saw not Raiders, but mercenaries crying about repair bills. Most people would not enter the dungeon until it was on farm, or farm like status. You know how much gold I spent on repairs probably enough to buy 10 epic mounts, but once a dungeon was on Farm, I didn’t want to go into it anymore. The challenge was over, and thats what I like.

Nowadays I see Raiders, and Raiding Guilds and I laugh to myself. They know nothing of what’s it like trying to get 40 people on the same page, complaining about not getting loot, when I had to battle with 5-6 mages in the same dungeon, I hear complaints about progression…when I use to have to spend weeks working on the same boss, not days.

I left WoW, I went to WAR. There the Casual reigned. I could log on do 2 dungeons in 40 minutes, and be done. Lost Vale, what I call the 6 man raid was probably the hardest in WAR, but once you conquered it, you tore away the time. Lost Vale when I first started took me 3 days, now I hear people can do it in 4-5 hours. I could log on to WAR, and spend an hour PvPing, log off and be done. No 4 hours of time investment, or gold farming.  The problem for me was there was no immersion, still no realm pride.  It was a Ping Pong match for MMO’s, and I do love Ping Pong, I grow tired of that game andWAR’s back and forth of it. The Endgame, The Lagfest, and the utterly crappy PvE of WAR wore upon my soul, thus I left and returned to World of Warcraft. But the thing that stuck with me, was it was nice not putting in a huge time commitment and still seeing results.

When I returned to WoW, The landscape has changed, at first I felt like a stranger in a strange land. I tried to return to raiding, and it was fun. Then summer hit, i no longer had the time to dedicate to the raid. I felt like left out in the lurch. I felt like there should of been a retirement home in Dalaran for dinosaurs such as I. Where Raiders of Old could gather and trade war stories.

With the advent of this latest patch. Seeing the quicker 5/10 mans that dropped epics worthy of raiding. At first I was threatened by it, like some old man from the 50’s seeing Elvis for the first time, shaking his hips. Then when I thought about it, what was I holding on too. Was it worth the hours upon hours of time invested for me for a mere pair of boots. Good times can still be had, and I do with the people I share my time with online, it’s just different. The challenges are different, the people aren’t.

Hardcore Raiding isn’t a thing of the past just yet, but I believe it’s on life support. I believe those that held on to their status as a Hardcore Raider misplaced what gaming is all about, and should realize that your large e-peen means nothing to the rank and file of the gamers out there. So go ahead burn your bridges with people you gamed with for years because your guild didn’t down the next boss so you can get your lovely pair of boots, next patch I’ll get those same boots for less work, and still see the same boss a little later then you maybe. 

 So once I was a Hardcore Raider, now I’m just a Hardcore Casual, and tell you the truth I’m having fun.



***************This just Playable races are Worgen, and Goblins…Thanks Syp and, My thoughts on this..not much*********