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The Power Of Death Itself

Posted in MMORPG with tags , on August 29, 2012 by theerivs

So I’m playing my Necromancer now  in GW2, due to the fact my guild needs a good necromancer.  It’s a very interesting profession. Alot of different in’s and out’s. I think it’s one of those professions that will be hard to master…but worth it. Right now I’m working on my Staff skills, and pretty awesome the beginner spell Necrotic Grasp, shoots a disembodied hand towards the enemy..pretty damn cool. I have alot to learn, but thanks to Jazz at Girl vs. MMO, and Scary I got some idea on wear to head with my Necro. Heck Jazz doesn’t even use pets…which is shocking.

In the course of my journeys I found some cool sites I want to share.


Guild Wars 2 Hub


Do you have any awesome Necromancer tips/builds/sites/blogs, please feel free to let me know, or comment here about them.

GW2, and My Own Little Goth Girl

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , , on April 30, 2012 by theerivs

GW2, and myself got to a rocky start. I got the beta invite after I signed up my code, but it kept saying that there was no beta events going on. finally fixed the problem Saturday night (well might of been early Saturday, but I didn’t have a chance to check)  So though I was a little sour I wasn’t able to check it out as much as I liked. I did get a chance to check it out.

1. Graphics – We’re pretty awesome, at times I thought when I was in a crowded area it was hard to make out things to clearly. I dumbed down my graphics, though it didn’t help.

2. Gameplay – I enjoyed the stories, the cut scene conversations were ok, I didn’t enjoy them as much as I did SWTOR, cause it just felt like I wasn’t a part of the conversation. The music, voice acting, and sound effects we’re all top notch.

3. Combat – I enjoyed it immensely I like how you work up to skills, not just train for them. Some of the spells, and combat animation we’re really cool.  When you get close to death, you could fight for your life.

4. Classes – I really like the class mix, and there are some definantly fun classes.

5. Races– I really liked the race choices so far, Didn’t think I would like the Charr, but I ended up kind of liking them. They remind me alot like Klingons.

6. More Detailed Experience – Once I got in after the Arena.Net snafu. I really loved the charactor creation process. It’s like your building your toon, and it’s backstory. Although I’m not an RP player by any means, I think RP players would get wood from this…but then there isn’t many choices so maybe they won’t.  I made a Norn Thief. I love this guys, stealth though isn’t permanent, it only gave me 3 seconds, which sucked. 3 seconds isn’t enough to do anything.  I entered an instance myself at level 3….MISTAKE!. But I learned the hard way, and still had fun.

Next I made an male human elemantalist, I really liked this toon as a spell caster, you didn’t stay a glass cannon, you could move around, and still be effective. Casters in this game are definately pretty cool.

After I played the intro, I started a Charr Warrior. Man I really liked the vibe of this race, and class. Very Klingony, with words like Ash Legion, Blood Legion, Iron Legion, and with their voice acting…..I can almost scream Q’plah!

Finally I made my own Goth Girl Necromancer….She was hot.  I wasn’t to impressed with the blood fiend pet you got. The spells you got we’re cool.  I wish I had more time to play her…but I was to busy geting her naked in her yellow underwear…and flirting with guys…wait…er I mean I was min/maxing her stats.  Yea that’s what I meant…

Overall – I enjoyed my experience in the first Beta, I really looking forward to them cleaning and working on things. If it was released today, I don’t think it would make it, cause to me it smacks of something missing, not quite there. I can’t put my finger on it yet. Like a great blueberry pie, that needs to cook a bit longer, thats the reason they have betas so we can figure this out.  Otherwise definately a great game, and looking forward to playing it some more.

To Hell With Your Clerics

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , , on June 20, 2011 by theerivs

In some RIFT Circles, lately all I been hearing is Cleric This, or Cleric That.

Let me tell you something they ain’t shit, next to my powerhouse of Warlock/Necro  build, it could use a little tweeking, but as I am leveling this mage build has been my best friend.

Literally a PvE powerhouse, with a Tank pet, or a DPS pet for faster killing, such boons as Sacrifice Life:Mana, Reconstruct, and Soul Purge. In Dungeons I switch my pet out to a casting Revenant.  Sure my DPS isn’t the best, but it’s sustained, and I have some the greatest AOE’s there are.

In PvP, One on One I have not been beat yet by toons my level, even the vaulted Clerics have trouble with the onslaught I give them.

So I’m sick of all this Cleric talk, you want a real leveler you go Mage…or GTFO.

I like to blow stuff up.

Posted in MMORPG with tags , , on February 16, 2011 by theerivs

I play a mage in WoW, so it’s no wonder I like to blow crap up. So after seeing my guild had plenty of warriors, and clerics on I decided to give a mage a shot in this game. 

I’ve been going with a Pyromancer/Necromancer/Chloromancer build, and this is what my final build I’m thinking of.

Pyromancer – (26)Brings blowing shit up to the mix, and a nice snare.

Necromancer – (30)A nice pet to harass, DOTS, and some tricks.

Chloromancer – (10) a few heals I can toss out if crap hits the fan.

I think this combo will bring alot of stuff to the table, PvE, and PvP wise. 

As for playing it, I just had a blast last night, no pun intended. I still might try a Cleric build, for shits and giggles but I’m really leaning towards this mage right now.