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There is method to my madness

Posted in Writing with tags , , on October 24, 2013 by theerivs

Kimber-James-3hz2Well Doone from T.R Red Skies put me to the task, and asked why I do what I do. Why do I have provocative pictures of women splayed across my blog. He’s not the only one over the years I’ve been writing this blog  who asked me this question. I always gave a flippant answer. It actually goes deeper then that, and there are several reasons I do it. So this is to answer Doone’s and the other’s questions as to why the hot babes.

1. I like pictures – I actually like pictures to be included in my posts.  This started at my previous blogs, I use to blog personally, but when I started to blog for video games I thought my posts needed a little more pop.

2. I don’t consider myself a good writer – Though I try to do my best, I know I don’t always do my best. I write alot here, a few thousand posts across my blogs so I feel the pictures help carry things a little further.

3. Compliments – For as many people I get that hate or don’t like the pictures, I have double that amount saying they love them.

4. Challenge – It’s like a little challenge for me to find a pic, that represents that post when I do it’s awesome. When it doesn’t I’m kind of let down.

5. Why So Serious? – I don’t want this blog, or myself be taken to seriously. Thus the pictures are a part of that.

6. Are you not entertained? – I blog to entertain, not to enlighten, and lets admit a pretty girl is more entertaining then not.

7. Bad Boy of the Blogosphere – I feel there are to many “carebears” or politically correct people surfing the blogosphere, and I think a niche needs to be filled. I am that which is bad perhaps, maybe evil. I am not politically correct. I am blunt and crass.

8. Transexuals – I actually toss in a pretty MTF Transexual in the mix to confuse the guys, and my attempt at humor. To make them think about things, and all that glitters is not gold.  It’s my joke on top of a joke. 

9. I’m a Pig – Yes, I find the female form pleasing to my eye. I blog for myself, so these pictures are to make me happy as well as my readers.

10. Spite – I’m a petty person, and I’m at war with the feminists of the world. I post these pictures sometimes as a big fuck you to them, not all the time….but sometimes.

11. It not always the girl – If you look back at my images I would say 8 out of 10 are scantily clad babes so sometimes I do mix it up, and I am not a one trick pony.

I hope this answers your questions, cause I’m not going to repeat myself and answer it again, I’ll just refer you to this post.